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Google Project IDX remote development environment now in open beta – but without iOS simulator

Google has opened its Project IDX browser-based remote development environment to public beta, as well as adding integration […]

Dapr: not just for Kubernetes or the Microsoft platform, says co-creator Mark Fussell

Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) was created at Microsoft for Kubernetes, but goes beyond both, said co-creator Mark Fussell. […]

Podman 5.0 released with native Mac hypervisor support, new features and breaking changes

RedHat has released Podman 5.0, with rewritten code for Windows and Mac, native Mac hypervisor support, removed CNI […]

Spotlight on GitHub self-hosted runners again as researcher demonstrates attack on PyTorch code

A researcher found that Meta’s popular open source PyTorch framework used self-hosted runners in its GitHub repository, against […]

JavaScript functions stored procedures previewed in MySQL – but developers are wary

Oracle has previewed JavaScript stored procedures in MySQL 8.2, although currently only in the Enterprise edition or the […]

Virtual Kubernetes lands on the Fly.io platform but there are compromises

Fly.io, a platform for running containers on virtual machines, has introduced Fly Kubernetes, which lets developers use Kubernetes […]

JetBrains offers first stable release of Kotlin Multiplatform

JetBrains has made Kotlin Multiplatform available in its first stable release, enabling code sharing across iOS, Android, desktop, […]

JetBrains introduces RustRover IDE, abandons open source Rust plugin

JetBrains has released an early access preview of RustRover, a fresh IDE for Rust. Rust support is not […]

Fermyon previews new spin on Serverless AI via Wasm

Fermyon, specialists in WebAssembly (Wasm) microservices, has introduced a new serverless AI platform, in association with Kubernetes hosting […]

Microsoft hits GA with Dev Box, already in use internally but pricey for the rest of us

Microsoft has reached general availability with Dev Box, a pre-configured remote desktop for developers, but with both VM […]