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RSA boss warns of ‘scary truth’: AI ‘co-pilots’ swooping on dev and sec jobs

AI is taking increasing chunks of developers and security pros’ work, whether the pros in question realize it […]

AWS CodeWhisperer AI coder now generally available, remains free for individual developers

AWS has released CodeWhisperer, its AI coding assistant, to general availability. CodeWhisperer is the company’s equivalent to GitHub […]

Microsoft’s Leslie Miley, technical advisor to the CTO, warns devs of both bias in AI and its environmental cost

QCon London kicked off this week, opening with a sombre keynote from Leslie Miley, Microsoft technical advisor to […]

GitHub claims new smarter Copilot will block insecure code, writes 40-60% of developer output

GitHub has updated its Copilot coding assistant with new features including a “vulnerability filtering system” to block insecure […]

‘Project Wisdom’ for Red Hat Ansible: AI to generate YAML playbooks from natural language

Red Hat has introduced “Project Wisdom”, a natural language processor for creating Ansible playbooks, used to automate application […]

GitHub Copilot under fire as dev claims it emits ‘large chunks of my copyrighted code’

Developer Tim Davis, a professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, has claimed on Twitter […]

Mintlify will document code with AI – but there is no substitute for the human factor

Mintlify, a startup specializing in automated code documentation, secured $2.8 million in seed funding this week. The company […]

Fraud detection à la Benford: MCubed webcast series for ML devs premiers this week

This Thursday: Join us for a series of practitioner-led webcasts on all things software development and machine learning, […]

LF AI & Data gets new incubator projects to simplify distributed learning

Linux Foundation subsidiary LF AI & Data Foundation has welcomed projects Substra and TonY into its incubator, increasing […]

GitHub introduces automatic Copilot to make your coding less lonely — and earn a buck or two along the line

Microsoft subsidiary GitHub surprised the coding community this week with the launch of a code-completion tool that looks […]