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Snyk buys DeepCode to inject AI into DevSecOps mix

Open source security platform provider Snyk has announced the acquisition of AI-powered code analysis company DeepCode. Financial details […]

JupyterLab extension Elyra toasts first major release with code snippet helper

Elyra, a set of extensions for JupyterLab Notebooks, has reached its first major release – just three months […]

CUDA, woulda … did: Nvidia makes CUDA 11 generally available, mostly pushing its next-gen architecture

Developers who were excited by Nvidia’s May announcement of an upcoming CUDA release can finally hop over to […]

Databricks hands MLflow to Linux Foundation, speeds up Delta Lake, and pushes pandas on Spark forward

Data science conference Spark+AI Summit is still in full swing. Organised by Spark experts Databricks, it naturally lent […]

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Alibi Explain adds more models for better machine learning understanding

Machine learning teams in search of model explanations can now give the newly released Alibi Explain 0.5 a […]

Open source AI collab project ONNX turns 1.7, takes first steps towards multi-framework training

Open machine learning model representation ONNX has hit version 1.7, previewing training support, and including additional operators as […]

TensorFlow 2.2 kicks Python 2 to the curb, adds new profiler and tf.distribute improvements

Machine learning platform TensorFlow has added a new profiler to its project and looked into ways of improving […]

What’s the point: Redis 6.0, IBM Elyra, a cure for Java pains, Facebook Blender, and VS Codespaces

Work on version 6.0 of in-memory data structure store Redis is done. The new release is now available […]

What’s the point: Google AI advances, Git security updates, and API gateway Gloo

Google’s AI teams used the comparatively quiet post-easter days to get ML practitioners up to speed with their […]

Nothing to hide? Then add these to your ML repo, Papers with Code says

In a bid to make advancements in machine learning more reproducible, ML resource and Facebook AI Research (FAIR) […]