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What’s the point: Google AI advances, Git security updates, and API gateway Gloo

Google’s AI teams used the comparatively quiet post-easter days to get ML practitioners up to speed with their […]

Nothing to hide? Then add these to your ML repo, Papers with Code says

In a bid to make advancements in machine learning more reproducible, ML resource and Facebook AI Research (FAIR) […]

Google combines spreadsheets and AI for more bot experiments

To give more people a chance to play with natural language understanding, Google AI Hub has introduced Semantic […]

Google AI plants SEED for better scalable reinforcement learning

Google AI researchers have looked into ways of making reinforcement learning scale better and improve computational efficiency. The […]

Google Cloud introduces pipelines for those beyond ML prototyping

The Google Cloud team just celebrated the beta launch of its AI Platform Pipelines feature with a couple […]

Google throws Quantum of ML into next TensorFlow project

The TensorFlow project just gained another sub-project. And this time, it’s all about quantum machine learning. TensorFlow Quantum […]

Vatican signs up IBM and Microsoft as AI ethics apostles

Microsoft and IBM have signed up to an AI ethics code promulgated by none other than his holiness, […]

WTP: GitHub’s new (weird) OSS endeavour, IBM’s AI advances, and HIPAA-compliant clusters

Repository management service GitHub has added to the shoals of the open source ecosystem with a “bit of […]

DeepSpeed and T-NGL – Microsoft’s way of giving computational complexity ZeRO thought

In a rush to blast through the restrictions set by current-day hardware, Microsoft has introduced a new generative […]

TensorFlow 2.1 makes Keras play nice with TPUs

The TensorFlow team has finished work on version 2.1 of the numerical computation library, with the result offering […]