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Platinum? That’ll do nicely – AWS drops big bucks on Apache Software Foundation

After years of dabbling, AWS has become a full-blooded platinum sponsor of the legendary Apache Software Foundation. AWS […]

Microsoft slips into SciKit-learn Consortium mode

Microsoft has joined the SciKit-learn Consortium, the organisation supporting construction of the free software machine-learning library for Python. […]

Cisco’s AppDynamics claims to have invented the CNS…the nerve of it.

AppDynamics has delivered the first fruits of its borging by Cisco two years ago, with the launch of […]

Spell taps funding hat, pulls out AI development platform, hardware options

Spell, an artificial intelligence development platform founded by a former Facebook AI engineering chief, has rolled out its […]

Brain and Immunity: Enterprise Service Mesh Kong gets what many long for

Service control platform-to-be Kong Enterprise has begun adding intelligent automation and monitoring features into the mix. On its […]

Intel plans AI inference chip with Facebook

Intel is working with Facebook to build a server processor dedicated to speeding performance of AI. The chip […]

What’s that behind you? Python – and it’s everywhere, say TIOBE

Python was the fastest growing progamming language of 2018, according to one tracking service that reckoned it seized […]

Ready for a go? Facebook opens PyText NLP framework to all

Hard on the heals of declaring its PyTorch tensor and neural network library “production ready” Facebook has open […]

“Only good AI from now on,” promises Google as it swears off facial recognition

Google, taken to task by employees this year for participating in a US military project on computer vision […]