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Microsoft releases first native Arm64 Visual Studio: Another step towards making Windows on Arm compelling

Microsoft has previewed Visual Studio for Arm64, saying it is “the first version of Visual Studio that will […]

Asahi Linux, plus better VM support, makes Apple Silicon more compelling for devs

In November 2020 Apple introduced the M1 processor – an Arm-based chip marking the beginning of the transition […]

Cloud Hypervisor feels need for speedy updates in 21.0 release

A good month after getting a new home, virtual machine monitor Cloud Hypervisor is celebrating its first major […]

C++ extension for Visual Studio Code ready for prime time, hugs Arm devs

The team behind free code editor Visual Studio Code has announced the first major release of its C++ […]

Chef pulls Infra 16 from the oven, flexes muscle at ARM users

True to last year’s announcement, starting in May 2020 all Chef Infra versions older than Chef 15 will […]

Travis CI throws open ARMs for testing open source software

Travis CI will now allow developers to test open source software on ARM-based architectures under a just announced […]

Docker takes up Arm, points to the edge

Docker took a step towards the edge yesterday, announcing what it described as a strategic partnership with mobile […]

What’s the point: Cloudflare, CNCF, Qt Design Studio, Cheerp

Cloudflare will soon offer a subdomain to deploy serverless workloads on. The offer is a reaction to customer […]