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Microsoft to fix longstanding issues with Identity in .NET, drops dependency on commercial IdentityServer

The forthcoming .Net 8 will fix key issues in ASP.NET Core identity libraries, including removing a dependency on […]

Break point: Icinga Web, Apache Spark, Platform9, Google Cloud, Go, Kubernetes, Aqua, and RiskIQ

Infrastructure monitoring company Icinga released version 2.9 of its monitoring web interface and framework Icinga Web. Aside from […]

Break point: GitHub Desktop, Harness, HashiCorp Boundary, Next.js, glibc, and Go

GitHub Desktop has got an update and is ready to be downloaded in v2.9. Besides offering native support […]

Kong Mesh 1.2 embeds OPA support, merges Insomnia products into one

Service mesh Kong Mesh 1.2 is now available, putting a strong focus on security through the integration of […]

Practitioners wanted: Call for proposals for Continuous Lifecycle 2021 is open NOW

Even though a lot of things are different this year, autumn is still the time of our Continuous […]

Docker Hub tries two-factor authentication

Container image library Docker Hub has been updated and now includes a beta version of two-factor authentication. The […]

Google unveils Workload Identity to spur secure Cloud service usage in GKE apps

Google has introduced the concept of the Workload Identity as a means of authentication to make using Google […]

AWS pushes Control Tower and Security Hub to GA, extends Network Load Balancer

Cloud ops rejoice, AWS has ended the preview phase of AWS Control Tower, making the service for automating […]