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JetBrains Aqua: Preview is IDE for test automation but not yet comprehensive

JetBrains is developing an IDE for test automation, now in preview as Aqua. Although most IDEs already support […]

Google expands security portfolio with risk and compliance as code and extra fuzzing

Google seems to have noted a growing willingness to think about security early on in the software development […]

Argo Rollouts celebrates “biggest release ever”, Events and Workflows throw in usability improvements

While the last feature release of Argo flagship Argo CD is a couple of months old already, contributors […]

Late to the cloud party? Chef tries to boost business by venturing into the SaaS space

Ever wondered how things are going at automation software provider Chef, a good year after the company was […]

Break point: Jupyter, Operator SDK, Boundary, Google, GitHub, and Puppet

JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook users are strongly encouraged to jump on a deployment of the projects’ latest versions, […]

IBM fields CodeFlare to tempt data scientists looking to automate the machine learning process

IBM has decided to share its CodeFlare framework as an open-source project with the broader machine learning community. […]

Go automate: Splunk treats US customers to new security cloud

Data analytics and security vendor Splunk has extended its portfolio by introducing security operations platform Splunk Security Cloud […]

Have you seen the ops menu? GitLab 14.0 brings UI changes, Epic Boards, and automation helpers

Self-proclaimed DevOps platform GitLab has pushed out 2021’s major version release, aiming to win over new users and […]

Ansible Content Collection for Kubernetes gets new home, puts focus on performance

Red Hat’s Ansible team has pushed out version 2.0 of its Content Collection for Kubernetes, which sees the […]

Chef cooks up Policy as Code with Infra Client 17 release

Chef Infra Client 17 is out, bringing increased platform coverage, better cloud support, and improvements to the Chef Infra […]