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Safari 16 arrives with support for password replacement passkeys

Apple has released Safari 16 as part of iOS 16, and also delivered as an update for macOS […]

JupyterLite: Honey, I shrunk the JupyterLab environment

The Project Jupyter team has disclosed details of JupyterLite — a JupyterLab distribution it is developing that runs […]

WebAssembly runtime Wasmer kicks into turbo for 2nd major release of the year

WebAssembly runtime Wasmer is available in version 2.0. Just six months after the first major release hit, the […]

Mozilla promotes Pyodide as independent project to put Python in a browser

Mozilla has spun out Pyodide as an independent community-driven project aimed at enabling Python to run in the […]

TensorFlow’s project for machine learning in the browser celebrates first major release

TensorFlow.js, a library for training and deploying JavaScript machine learning (ML) models in the browser, has reached its […]

Microsoft adopts Chromium for “modern” Edge browser

Microsoft has rebooted its three-year-old browser Edge, released to win web devs’ love by ditching the lock in […]