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JDK 19 release followed by Jakarta EE 10. But is it the new COBOL?

In a big week for Java, the Eclipse Foundation has released Jakarta EE 10, the platform once known […]

Eclipse IDE Working Group steers tool towards sunnier future, releases 2021-06 update

The Eclipse Foundation recently announced the formation of an IDE working group. By providing governance, guiding, and — […]

Eclipse sends out first release train of the year, provides mainly clean-ups for old code

The Eclipse 2021-03 release train has reached the station with version 4.19 of the Eclipse IDE in tow, […]

What’s the point: GitLab, Serverless, Go, Eclipse Foundation, ScyllaDB, Slim.ai, and Otomi

After pushing out a security release just a week ago, GitLab discovered that one of the fixes could […]

OpenStack Foundation morphs into Open Infrastructure Foundation, OSGi finds a new home

The OpenStack Foundation will continue its business as the Open Infrastructure Foundation – and instead of solely promoting […]

MicroProfile Starter leaves beta behind, works its way into IDEs

Java devs looking to get started with microservices can now dive into the newly released first major version […]

Eclipse Foundation shines a light on edge computing

After being in the works for a while, the Eclipse Foundation launched another special interest working group – […]