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Break point: Kaptain, C++, Falco, Model Search, and Packer

D2iQ, the company formerly known as Mesosphere, announced general availability of v1.0 it’s machine learning platform Kaptain this […]

Vault for secret keeping? CNCF End User Technology Radar spots surprising interest

The CNCF End User Community has released its fourth technology radar, this time scanning the tools and approaches […]

What’s the point: GitLab, HCP Consul, Sauce Labs, Kite, ASF, CNCF, and Netflix tech

GitLab’s monthly security updates are in, with the company strongly recommending a switch to versions 13.8.2, 13.7.6, or […]

HashiCorp adds some flourish to managed offering and Terraform portfolio

HashiCorp has started off the new year by advancing its cloud projects and improving Terraform Enterprise for reliability […]

What’s the point: Nomad, Waypoint, Lens, NetBeans, GitLab, cri-o, and Ansible Builder

HashiCorp has pushed v1.0 of its workload orchestrator Nomad into general availability. The latest iteration allows users to […]

Terraform 0.14 lands, marking “final stepping stones” to 1.0 release

DevOps tooling biz HashiCorp has put the finishing touches on version 0.14 of Terraform, to bring the infrastructure […]

That’s another fine service mesh you’ve gotten us into: Consul refines access control, adds basic visualisation

Consul 1.9, HashiCorp’s service discovery cum service mesh tool, has left the beta phase behind, making mesh visualisation […]

Vault unlocks first bolt of cloud key management, locks in integrated storage

Version 1.6 of HashiCorp’s secret management tool Vault is now ready for downloading, and treats enterprise users to […]

Remote working: HashiCorp Sentinel gets HCL-proficient, learns how to get remote policies

The team behind HashiCorp’s policy as code framework Sentinel has emitted version 0.16 of the project, allowing the […]

Codify all the things! HashiCorp introduces build/deploy/release project Waypoint

After making a splash in the infrastructure as code movement, DevOps tools maker HashiCorp has pushed out version 0.1 […]