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JetBrains opens early access to upcoming data science development environment

JetBrains is building a development environment focused on data science workflows and has opened up an early access […]

Eclipse sends out first release train of the year, provides mainly clean-ups for old code

The Eclipse 2021-03 release train has reached the station with version 4.19 of the Eclipse IDE in tow, […]

Rider team lets .NET devs in on IDE plans, though it’s mostly about catching up with Java tooling

IDE development company JetBrains has provided .NET programmers with a first glimpse of what to expect from its […]

RStudio 1.4 brings the pane as data scientists get visual mode, new Python powers

R development environment RStudio has made 1.4 available for downloading now. The latest version was released just in […]

What’s the point: TensorFlow, Cider, Chef Infra Server, and Chronosphere

The TensorFlow project has started the year with a slew of security releases, fixing some medium to severe […]

Visual Studio Code adds extension bisect to find out what’s troubling you

The housekeeping session at Microsoft continued in November as it ironed out 5242 Visual Studio Code issues, paving […]

Perfect (web)storm: JetBrains adds Tailwind CSS and Git staging to web dev IDE

JetBrains is in major update mood, flinging out version 2020.3 of its JavaScript development IDE WebStorm. Just last […]

Build it and they will come: JetBrains gets grip on MongoDB with v2020.3 of database IDE

While an IDE for database or SQL programmers might sound weird at first, it actually can be pretty […]

Google offers development-environment-as-a-service with Cloud Shell Editor

Citing the need for rapid evaluation of new cloud technologies and the problems of reconfiguring development environments, Google […]

JetBrains revs-up new engine for more IntelliJ Rust support

As hinted at last week, code development tool provider JetBrains has just released version 0.3 of its IntelliJ […]