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Icinga for Windows v1.7.0 integrates REST API

Infrastructure monitoring provider Icinga has pushed out the latest release of its platform for Windows, aimed at making […]

Believe in yourself and you’re Xena — OpenStack’s 24th release hits with integration focus

The Open Infrastructure Foundation this week announced the release of the 24th version of cloud infrastructure project OpenStack. […]

LLVM 13.0 pulls Flang into binary packages, fits debugger with MTE helpers

Compiler infrastructure project LLVM is now available in version 13.0.  The freshly pushed out major release is the […]

Foreman 3.0 crams Puppet ENC into plugin, takes steps towards better UX

Server lifecycle management project Foreman recently saw its third major release, which provides users with a couple of […]

Honeycomb makes room for metrics as observability space grows and thrives

With a recent update to its product, debugger for live production systems Honeycomb has finally submitted to sprinkling […]

Chaos, climate and Kubernetes top the agenda at CLO 2021

Event Two more weeks to go and we’re thrilled to announce two keynotes for Continuous Lifecycle Online, our […]

Pulumi reaches 3.0, celebrates by turning into “cloud engineering platform”

Infrastructure as code outfit Pulumi is rebranding its infra product as a cloud engineering platform that lets teams […]

Engage! LLVM 12 gets ready for next-gen processors

Compiler infrastructure project LLVM 12 is now available for downloading. The release comes more than a month later […]

OpenStack Wallaby bounds ahead with security enhancements, integration with other projects

The 23rd release of the OpenStack cloud infrastructure framework is being rolled out by the OpenStack community. Codenamed […]

Tick, tick, boom: Checkmk 2.0 arises with new UX, better container insight

The second major release for IT monitoring tool Checkmk is now available, trying to tempt ops folks with […]