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Solo.io Gloos cloud-based Istio service mesh into portfolio

Solo.io has extended its portfolio of tools aimed at microservices with Gloo Cloud, an Istio Service Mesh offered […]

Istio 1.9 opens up to external authorisers, VM support goes to beta

Istio – the service mesh developed by Google – has landed in version 1.9, finally getting Kubernetes Service […]

What’s the point: Facebook SDK, Grafana, DigitalOcean, GNU nano, Istio, OpsRamp, and Elastic

Facebook has released version 9.0 of its series of SDKs to let app developers integrate all sorts of […]

A hot mesh? Istio team hopes so as it bets on user experience to lure devs with v 1.8

The team behind service mesh Istio has released version 1.8 of its project. The last major update of […]

What’s the point: Istio governance, CircleCI, Algorithmia, GraalVM, and KubeOne

The Istio project has made some changes to its governance model, giving the community more say in the […]

Istio 1.7: Security improvements take centre stage as users continue to speculate about the service mesh’s future

Service mesh Istio has made its 1.7 version available, sporting security and operability improvements, while pushing VM integration […]

Istio flings out poxy proxy patch: Will plug up externally issued certificate validation vulns

With the last security fix just a couple of days old, the Istio team recently pushed out version […]

Istio plugs up four new Envoy vulns

Service mesh Istio has issued two security updates after four vulnerabilities were found in the Envoy proxy. It’s […]

All meshed up: Istio 1.6 welcomes legacy workloads, improves the upgrade process

Istio 1.6 has landed, improving traffic management, telemetry, VM support, and overall usability of the service mesh – […]

Istio ships 1.5, throws open arms to embrace the monolith AND WebAssembly

The Istio team has released v1.5 of the service mesh, which they say represents a significant simplification of […]