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Visual Studio Code update: First steps with profile support

Microsoft and the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) team have rolled out version 1.67 of the Electron-based editor […]

Node.js 18 released with prefix-only core modules, experimental fetch API, and more

The Node.js team has released version 18 of its server-side JavaScript runtime environment. This being an even-numbered release, […]

TypeScript 4.7 hits beta: Support for ECMAScript modules in Node.js

The TypeScript team has just released the 4.7 beta. The biggest new feature is the inclusion of support […]

TIOBE Programming Language of the year 2021 title goes to Python (again)

For the second time in a row, Python has been crowned the programming language of the year by […]

Rails 7.0 gets hotwired with new frontend framework, adds app-level encryption

Web application framework Ruby on Rails 7.0 is now available, promising no less than being the full-stack tool […]

TypeScript 4.5 Release Candidate delays ECMAScript support

Microsoft has made available a Release Candidate (RC) for TypeScript 4.5, its programming language that builds on the […]

JavaScript framework Vue.js goes for speed and independence in 3.2 release

The Vue.js team has pushed out version 3.2 of the popular JavaScript UI building framework, promising users performance […]

D3 7.0 to boost compatibility with Node.js by going all-in on ECMAScript modules

Popular data visualisation library D3 just received a major version bump, improving compatibility with JavaScript runtime environment Node.js. […]

All superset? TypeScript 4.3 release candidate let loose

Microsoft has unleashed TypeScript 4.3 RC, the release candidate for the next version of its programming language that […]

Mozilla promotes Pyodide as independent project to put Python in a browser

Mozilla has spun out Pyodide as an independent community-driven project aimed at enabling Python to run in the […]