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Mozilla promotes Pyodide as independent project to put Python in a browser

Mozilla has spun out Pyodide as an independent community-driven project aimed at enabling Python to run in the […]

GraalVM 21.1 features smaller downloads, performance tweaks, Java 16

The GraalVM 21.1 release of the high-performance Java environment is now available, bringing experimental support for Java 16 […]

Cloudflare Pages offers JAMstack today: Platform for web devs goes GA

Cloudflare’s Pages, which has been in beta since December last year, is now generally available. The platform is […]

Comeback kid Fortran reappears in programming index

The TIOBE Programming Community index for April is out, showing who the latest movers and shakers are in […]

RedMonk rankings: JavaScript stays firmly on top and Dart gets new momentum

The first quarterly Programming Language Rankings report for 2021 by the analysts at RedMonk is out, finding an […]

Perfect (web)storm: JetBrains adds Tailwind CSS and Git staging to web dev IDE

JetBrains is in major update mood, flinging out version 2020.3 of its JavaScript development IDE WebStorm. Just last […]

New Node.js commits to opening channels for chattering apps

As America and the world grappled with post-election shock, the Node.js developers quietly pushed a major update live. […]

What’s the diff: Trailing commas, unified backends, better performance, oh my – Kotlin language hits 1.4

IDE provider JetBrains has released version 1.4 of its JVM and Android-targeting programming language Kotlin into the wild. […]

Electron 9 helps apps to step into macOS users’ focus

Electron, a framework for writing desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, just celebrated its 9th major release. […]

npm boss states package registry will stay free ‘for foreseeable future’ after GitHub buy

GitHub has signed an agreement to acquire npm, the company responsible for the Node.js package manager of the […]