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What’s the diff: Trailing commas, unified backends, better performance, oh my – Kotlin language hits 1.4

IDE provider JetBrains has released version 1.4 of its JVM and Android-targeting programming language Kotlin into the wild. […]

Electron 9 helps apps to step into macOS users’ focus

Electron, a framework for writing desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, just celebrated its 9th major release. […]

npm boss states package registry will stay free ‘for foreseeable future’ after GitHub buy

GitHub has signed an agreement to acquire npm, the company responsible for the Node.js package manager of the […]

Isomorphic-git gets 1.0, gets rid of plugins

Isomorphic-git has hit 1.0, with the promise of tighter IDE and Typescript integration, albeit with a long list […]

Google spares npm users’ blushes with Wombat Dressing Room

Google has promised to take some of the pain – or at least some of the risk – […]

Microsoft showcases optional chaining as it lets loose TypeScript 3.7 beta

Microsoft has lifted the lid on a “feature complete” beta of TypeScript 3.7, claiming that it includes some […]

Pulumi lets you set up cloud infrastructure with JavaScript

Cloud management software company Pulumi has just released a product that lets developers use regular programming languages, including […]

AWS Lambda, meet Node.js v10

Amazon has added Node.js v10 support to its Lambda serverless computing platform on the AWS cloud, delivering claimed […]

Qt Creator hits 4.9 with ever-growing language skills

Qt Creator 4.9 has been released, extending support for the language server protocol and improving diagnostics for C++ […]

Like JavaScript, Java or Python? You’re not the world’s most unique coder then…

If you like your programming languages to have a whiff of coffee or reptile you’re in good company, […]