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Microsoft pulls tighter on blockchain with R3 Corda Enterprise

Microsoft has stepped up its integration with enterprise blockchain firm R3 by offering the finance giant-backed firm’s Corda […]

Microsoft calls time on great .NET Core API migration

Microsoft has declared the .NET Framework API porting project complete, five years after .NET Core 1.0 was released. […]

Pivotal and Microsoft put Spring in Azure setup

Microsoft and Pivotal have unveiled Azure Spring Cloud, a service to simplify deployment of scalable Java applications on […]

Microsoft showcases optional chaining as it lets loose TypeScript 3.7 beta

Microsoft has lifted the lid on a “feature complete” beta of TypeScript 3.7, claiming that it includes some […]

AI: use it or lose out, says Microsoft

UK firms risk falling behind foreign rivals unless they make more use of AI, warns a new report […]

Microsoft to shutter Windows Developer Feedback forums

Microsoft is set close down its Windows Developer Feedback UserVoice forums (wpdev․uservoice․com), which will no longer accept submissions […]

What’s the point: Microsoft rolls out .Net Core 3.0, Opsgenie gets integrations, Facebook on Dev apps, Picolibc pops out

Microsoft has popped out .NET Core 3.0, which it says delivers “greatly improved performance” and is “battle tested” […]

Microsoft turns to GitHub to open source C++ STL

Microsoft has open sourced its implementation of the C++ Standard Library (STL), shifting the product source code to […]

CNAB ready for prime time, says Docker

Docker announced yesterday that CNAB, a specification for creating multi-container applications, has come of age. The spec has […]

Azure DevOps team sends help for PRs, pipelines and processes

The final version of Azure DevOps Server (ADS) 2019 Update 1 is now generally available, adding a basic […]