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Open source AI collab project ONNX turns 1.7, takes first steps towards multi-framework training

Open machine learning model representation ONNX has hit version 1.7, previewing training support, and including additional operators as […]

GitHub ups security game as Microsoft crawls into the platform. Also: Devs’ days get longer

Code repository management service GitHub has used the online version of its annual Satellite conference to introduce more […]

GitHub releases mobile apps so maintainers can give thumbs ups on the go

GitHub for mobile is now available via Google Play and the App Store – however, users still see […]

Microsoft offers .NET 5 taster

Microsoft’s .NET team has pushed out previews for .NET 5 and Entity Framework Core 5.0, looking for feedback […]

npm boss states package registry will stay free ‘for foreseeable future’ after GitHub buy

GitHub has signed an agreement to acquire npm, the company responsible for the Node.js package manager of the […]

ONNX runtime tries hand at WinML, changes compatibility pattern

Microsoft has updated its inference engine for open neural network exchange models ONNX runtime to v1.2, fitting the […]

Microsoft pulls out DevOps Server and TFS security patches

The team behind Azure DevOps Server has made a couple of security patches available, which are meant to […]

Microsoft backs off on TLS 2.0 only plan for Azure DevOps

Microsoft has hit reverse on its plan to drop support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 in its […]

Microsoft, swallows feedback, bangs Visual Studio Online preview into shape

Microsoft’s managed development environment service Visual Studio Online has been updated, providing devs with access to a slew […]

GitHub outages? It’s the database stupid…

GitHub has cast a sliver of light on the cause of the outages that have plagued the code […]