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GitHub outages? It’s the database stupid…

GitHub has cast a sliver of light on the cause of the outages that have plagued the code […]

Microsoft unveils Scalar tool for vast Git repos

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a tool it says will utlimately make it easier for everyone to […]

Docker delivers CNAB-to-OCI tech to…CNAB HQ

Docker is handing its CNAB to OCI technology over to the CNAB project, just over a year after […]

GitHub Enterprise Server pushes internal visibility onto admins

Microsoft-owned repository management service GitHub has put the finishing touches to version 2.20 of its Enterprise Server, which […]

DeepSpeed and T-NGL – Microsoft’s way of giving computational complexity ZeRO thought

In a rush to blast through the restrictions set by current-day hardware, Microsoft has introduced a new generative […]

Visual Studio Code hits 1.42, with revamped preview, and raft of…previews

Microsoft flagged up the last update of Visual Studio Code last week, with a raft of update features […]

OpenAI fires up on PyTorch

OpenAI has opted to standardise its development on PyTorch, saying the move should make it easier for its […]

GitHub and pals call on Indian government to junk proposed platform liability rules

GitHub has thrown its support behind a plea to India’s government to change proposed rules that would land […]

Microsoft opens 35 day window for Azure customers to postpone ‘impactful’ host updates

You can’t postpone the inevitable, but Microsoft has given customers the ability to postpone “impactful” host updates for […]

Open source luminaries turn up spotlight on GitHub over ICE deal

An open letter to Git Hub demanding that it drop its controversial contract with the US Immigration and […]