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JetBrains survey: developers 91% male, 73% experience burnout, more liking Rust and Go

Tools vendor JetBrains has published its annual survey of development trends, this time based on responses from around […]

Ruby 3.2.0 released with WebAssembly compiler, production-ready YJIT optimization, and much faster regular expressions

Ruby developers got a Christmas gift with the December 25th release of Ruby 3.2.0, with major new features […]

Oracle contributes GraalVM to OpenJDK to address ‘obstacles to adoption’

Oracle is making GraalVM Community Edition – a native code compiler for Java – part of the OpenJDK, […]

RubyGems progresses with mandatory MFA for publishers

The maintainers of RubyGems, the main package – or “gem” – repository for the Ruby programming language, are […]

Mintlify will document code with AI – but there is no substitute for the human factor

Mintlify, a startup specializing in automated code documentation, secured $2.8 million in seed funding this week. The company […]

JetBrains updates IntelliJ IDEA with new dependency analyzer – although automated update spells danger

JetBrains has released IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1, a Java IDE which also forms the basis for other development environments […]

Why Stripe embraced remote coding – and fixed Ruby with Sorbet

Soam Vasani, software engineer at internet payment services company Stripe, spoke at QCon, an enterprise developer conference under […]

Ruby 3.1 lands with new debugger in tow

As has become the custom, the team behind Ruby has used the end-of-year holiday break to push out […]

Rails 7.0 gets hotwired with new frontend framework, adds app-level encryption

Web application framework Ruby on Rails 7.0 is now available, promising no less than being the full-stack tool […]

Out with the old: HashiCorp announces HCP Packer, on-prem tools start throwing out their plugins

After making infrastructure as code project Terraform the star of HashiConf on day 1, day two was all […]