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EAPs see CLion getting experimental while IntelliJ IDEA loads up on Kotlin helpers

The second 2021 update to JetBrains’ IDE portfolio is about to drop, so the tool teams have started […]

Static energy: Crystal language hits v1.0 milestone, ARM and Windows support still needs polishing

The first major release of the Crystal programming language happened this week as the project hit version 1.0. […]

Sick of K8s yet? Good, Engine Yard and Hitachi also offer Kubernetes services now

Developers looking for an easy way to get started with Kubernetes now have two more options to try: […]

Ruby 3.0 lands. Click your heels together 3 times and say: Speed up programs, speed up programs, speed up programs

Five years in the making, performance-oriented Ruby 3.0 has finally landed providing programmers with parallel execution features, and […]

What’s the point: GitHub, CircleCI, Puppet, Jaeger, Ruby, and HashiCorp

GitHub’s code scanning capabilities, a new feature introduced at the company’s Satellite conference in May 2020, has left […]

What’s the point: Qt, Ruby, GitLab pricing, Databricks, TabNet, Icinga, and Ambassador

Ruby creator promises major release for Christmas Ruby creator Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto has informed the community around his […]

Chef pulls Infra 16 from the oven, flexes muscle at ARM users

True to last year’s announcement, starting in May 2020 all Chef Infra versions older than Chef 15 will […]

Round-up: AWS MAPs to Windows, Crystal clarity, Spring cools on Solr, Chef cuts off s390x

AWS has announced its Migration Acceleration Program for Windows has now reached general availability. The service, first announced […]

What’s your name son? – Murph..ahem RuboCop 0.80

RuboCop, a static code analyser and code formatter for the Ruby programming language, is now available in version […]

Red Hat dev launches MIR in bid for a peace of the JIT compiler market

Vladimir Makarov, a software developer at Red Hat, has pulled the covers off his lightweight JIT compiler project […]