Sumo Logic sees Serverless Computing, containers wooing cloud users

Sumo Logic sees Serverless Computing, containers wooing cloud users

Companies are eager to adopt newer technologies in the cloud, according to a report from Sumo Logic. Serverless computing and containers are taking cloud users by storm, said its Continuous Intelligence Report, released today.

This is the fourth such report from Sumo Logic, which sells products that analyse and report what’s happening in its customers’ cloud environments. It pored over data from 2000 of those customers running applications on major cloud platforms and on-premises environments. Most of them (64 per cent) ran on AWS, which the company takes as confirmation that AWS dominates by market share.

It found a strong rise in serverless computing, with more than one in three (36 per cent) of its customers using AWS Lambda in production. A lot of them use it for DevOps deployment and automation. It has become one of the top 10 AWS services by adoption, according to the report.

Those top 10 services included compute, storage, database, network, and identity services and they formed the head of a very long tail. Usage of individual services tapered off substantially, with management, tooling, and advanced security services adopted at far lower rates. Sumo Logic believes this is linked to a strong rise in multi-cloud strategies, where customers are eager to avoid vendor lock-in, and so sprinkle their service choices between different providers.

Perhaps that’s also why open source has made such a splash among Sumo Logic’s customers. They have embraced open-source solutions for containers, orchestration, infrastructure, and application services. Four out of every six application infrastructure platforms include open-source software, it said.

Containers are also gaining ground, but not as quickly as they have done previously. Docker adoption reached 30 per cent this year, up slightly from 28 per cent in 2018.

The rise in containers accompanied a marked rise in Kubernetes use, with 20 per cent of AWS customers using it this year compared to 14 per cent in 2018. Kubernetes has made even bigger strides in multi-cloud environments. Sumo Logic found that over 80 per cent of companies using AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform together were running the CNCF’s pet container orchestration system.