Apache NetBeans turns 11.3

Java IDE Apache NetBeans is now available in version 11.3, which provides more support for users of JDK 14, JSF 2.3, and also includes an editor for JavaScript-superset TypeScript.

The team behind the project has continued its trajectory of integrating Java EE features by adding code completion and other supporting capabilities for JavaServer Faces 2.3 to the development environment. It also finally introduced single-file source-code programs, which allows the creation of source files outside a project if NetBeans is running in JDK 11 or newer.

Speaking of which, the default JDK for all Maven projects can now be set in the Options window under Java/Maven. Meanwhile Gradle users can force reloads of a project and make use of composite projects among other things. They should also have less trouble when using Kotlin-based projects.

Java developers who like to get working with the new JDK 14 features, might find the currently experimental syntax colouring and formatting support for the record keyword and the pattern matching for instanceof that has just been added to the IDE helpful. Its Java editor has also been fitted with a hint for reverting from the recently introduced Text Block feature to string where needed. Since these are preliminary features only, users will have to enable the preview flag to take them for a spin for now. 

Web devs with a taste for NetBeans will be happy to learn that the Chrome connector connection with the IDE is working again. Other helpful bits included in the release are an editor for the Microsoft-developed JavaScript superset TypeScript, and autocomplete improvements for PHP code.

To top it all off, version 11.3 comes with a couple of new, mostly dark themes, and improvements for HiDPI on Windows, which should fix some sizing and tab dragging issues.

Developers who are looking for a more thoroughly tested version are advised to stick to the latest LTS release, which is NetBeans 11.0. However, the next version with long time support is currently scheduled for April 2020, so they won’t have to wait for too long to use the new features.