Round-up: BigQuery Omni, Fluent Bit, Swift, Wicket, and more

Round-up: BigQuery Omni, Fluent Bit, Swift, Wicket, and more

BigQuery starts wandering off to other clouds

Google Cloud’s data analysis product BigQuery might become a little more useful by finally allowing users to look deeper into data stored on other clouds. The reimagined service supposed to realise this is called BigQuery Omni and is currently in private alpha. 

Omni is said to allow data scientists to query data on Google Cloud as well as AWS (with Azure support soon to come) using standard SQL. The project is implemented with Google’s Anthos, an application platform especially targeted at organizations looking to follow a hybrid or multi-cloud approach. The latter seem to be in the majority these days, tech analysts say.

Fluent Bit 1.5 gets new understanding for Cloudwatch, New Relic, and co

Fluent Bit, a data processor and forwarder which is part of the Fluentd project, has made it to version 1.5, providing its users with new output connectors for Amazon Cloudwatch Logs, LogDNA, and New Relic. Other than that, the Bit team has been busy making the Google Stackdriver plugin work with Kubernetes resources, operations, and labels, as well as optimising the tool’s storage layer.

Apache Software Foundation announcements

The team behind server-side Java web framework Apache Wicket has made version 9.0 of the tool available. Amongst the reasons for it being a major release are the migration of the codebase to Java 11 LTS, and a new implementation of the ModalWindow component.

Wicket 9 comes fitted with standardly enabled content security policy support, a reworked page storing mechanism, and a variety of updated dependencies. Since the last release it was also part of the OpenJDK Quality Outreach efforts, meaning it has been officially tested to work with OpenJDK 11, 14, and 15.

In other Apache Software news, just 10 months after entering the foundation’s incubator, cloud-native API gateway APISIX has been promoted to top-level status. The project was initially developed by ZhiLiu Technology and was open-sourced in June 2019. It names Kong and Orange as inspirations, and provides functions for tasks like traffic control, analytics, and monitoring.

Spring Initializr learns SemVer

Spring users will be interested to learn that the project’s extensible API, Initializr, now knows how to work with the semantic versioning format. Newly released version 0.9 also comes with additions to the MavenBuild support, which allow users to configure and write elements like license or developer information, and an option to help prevent it from building incompatible projects.

Swift team starts new open source project

Swift Core Team member Tom Doron has taken to the programming language’s blog to introduce the Swift Service Lifecycle library to the wider community. According to Doron, the open source package is designed to help server applications to manage their startup and shutdown sequences by providing code for initialization and resource freeing tasks. Service Lifecycle is still in its infancy, so those interested are invited to take a look and contribute feedback and bug reports.