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Julia Schmidt previously worked as editor of devClass. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences, and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Rust at work seems on the up, but less complexity and more speed could do it wonders

After a tumultuous year in which core members left, an entire moderation team quit the project, the language […]

.NET MAUI flings out lucky 13th preview as feature completion closes in

In-progress versions for the .NET multi platform app UI keep rolling in, but with feature completion in sight, […]

YouTrack introduces visual project planning helper

Version 2022.1 of JetBrains’ project management tool YouTrack has just been released, and features (as well as a […]

Ready for a change? Database projects DoltLab and EdgeDB try to bring something new to the table

After receiving requests for a self-hosted version of Dolt sharing hub DoltHub, the team behind the Git for […]

Elastic kicks of 8.x series with NLP and per-default security

With the Elastic 7.x series concluded in early February, the team behind Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Co has entered […]

Istio project pushes out v1.13 – users might have preferred a security update

Apparently, service mesh Istio currently comes with a high severity security issue. While waiting for the fix to […]

Break point: Icinga, Kong Enterprise, Qt, Google Cloud, and Tigera

Icinga for Windows 1.8 has matured into general availability this week, offering users an all-new management console menu […]

Stop the nonsense! Racket 8.4 helps with expression checker and new editor

Lisp dialect Racket is now available in version 8.4, sporting a new expression editor and a kind system […]

Slow but steady: Artifact Hub reaches milestone by adding container image support

Artifact Hub, a web app for finding, installing, and publishing Kubernetes packages, has made a huge step towards […]

TIOBE Index prepares for ranking engine shutdown, plans to include new sources

The TIOBE Programming Community Index for February 2022 is out, and while nothing much has changed on the […]