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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
What's the point

What’s the point: GCC 9.2, Elasticsearch, Elektra, Azure, and The DevOps Institute

Version 9.2 of the GNU Compiler Collection is now available. The release mostly contains fixes for regressions and serious bugs in GCC 9.1, which was released back...

TensorFlow nightly pip packages are about to change

Starting 16 August 2019 (yup, that’s this Friday), the team behind numerical computation library TensorFlow will stop updating 1.x tf-nightly pip packages. Developers...

Couchbase Server team puts 6.5 beta up for feedback

The crew behind distributed NoSQL database Couchbase Server have released a beta of version 6.5 of their project, looking for comments on new features such as distributed...

AWS bumps Lake Formation to GA, previews new PowerShell tools

AWS Lake Formation, a service to build, secure, and manage data lakes on AWS, is now generally available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US...
Data Centres and Planet Earth

Grafana 6.3 expands Explore, treats enterprise users to live LDAP sync

Metrics visualisation project Grafana is now available in version 6.3 which comes with additional Explore features and authentication improvements for enterprise users amongst other things.

CircleCI finally open up to Windows devs

The people behind continuous integration and delivery platform CircleCI today announced the addition of Windows to its Linux, Docker, and macOS spanning list of supported execution environments. 
sysdig monitor

Sysdig Secure turns 2.4 and celebrates with new UIs and profiling options

The team behind Sysdig Secure has released version 2.4 of the container security product, sprinkling runtime profiling and a new policy editor into the mix.
What's the point

What’s the point: TensorFlow, Istio, glibc, Cloudera Altus Director, and all’s well that ends...

If you find your machine learning models to be a bit too large, TensorFlow’s Model Optimization Toolkit now comes with an implementation for post-training float16 quantisation. The...

Mesosphere is (sorta) dead, long live D2iQ

Cloud-native experts Mesosphere have dropped their familiar company name in favour of new moniker D2iQ, committing to day two operations and making their Kubernetes and data-related offerings...
AWS logo

AWS introduces PartiQL to tear down walls between SQL and NoSQL

AWS open-sourced its PartiQL query language to provide a way to query data across formats and services. The project was started as a reaction...