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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
Nomad orchestration

HashiCorp moves Nomad 0.11 to beta

Before the final v0.11 of Nomad hits the streets, HashiCorp customers have been treated to a beta version of the distributed cluster and application scheduler, featuring autoscaling,...

Red Hat ramps up security and containerisation for JBoss EAP 7.3

Red Hat’s middleware team has put the finishing touches to the latest JBoss Enterprise Application Platform release, pushing out a more secure, Jakarta-EE-8-supporting version 7.3.

Kubernetes 1.18 gets “a bit quarky”, advances debugging efforts

Container orchestrator project Kubernetes 1.18, codename “a bit quarky”, is now available, celebrating unconventional ideas and the good things diversity can do for innovation. The moniker was...
Swift 5.2

Swift 5.2 takes flight

After a good half year of work, Swift is now available in version 5.2, bringing key path expressions as functions and callable values of user-defined nominal types...
LLVM 10.0

Oh dear! Oh dear! LLVM 10.0 finally makes it

The team behind compiler infrastructure project LLVM has made version 10.0 available - a good month later than anticipated, but better support for all sorts of architectures...
sysdig monitor

Sysdig announces curated Prometheus resource catalogue

Cloud native tool provider Sysdig has enhanced its monitoring offering to provide a more scalable data store with long-term retention, fully support Prometheus, and give users a...

Google AI plants SEED for better scalable reinforcement learning

Google AI researchers have looked into ways of making reinforcement learning scale better and improve computational efficiency. The result is called SEED RL and can now be...
GraphQL Mesh

GraphQL Mesh aims to get query language running anywhere

GraphQL-focused open source group The Guild has shared its newest project, GraphQL Mesh, with the world, promising devs a way to use the query language for data...
Grafana 6.7 released

Grafana 6.7 helps teams to do a little bit of history repeating

Grafana, a tool that came to popularity as a way to visualise Prometheus data, has recently hit version 6.7, providing a query history and enhancing AzureMonitor amongst...

Julia language improves on multi-threading and consistency

Dynamic programming language Julia’s 1.4 release includes a slew of new library features, as well as some changes to its build system, multi-threading, and the language itself.