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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
Go cloud computing

Go developers say go go go on v1.12 tester

A first release candidate for v1.12 of the Go programming language is now available for final pre-release testing. The release comes without any changes...

IBM lets (more) Watson roam on other clouds

In a bid to bring its AI tools to users of other cloud offerings, IBM has added some of its Watson services to IBM Cloud Private for...
Uber Ludwig Deep Learning

Good old Ludwig makes deep learning code-free

Ride sharing company Uber’s AI department open sourced project Ludwig to get those into deep learning, that don’t necessarily want to write code. The...

PyPy 7.0 is out and lets devs try their hand at collecting garbage

Python implementation PyPy is now available in v7.0 with interpreters for Python 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6 features. The project is...
google logo

Continuous Fuzzing for all? Google open sources ClusterFuzz bug hunter

Google has open sourced ClusterFuzz, a scalable fuzzing infrastructure project that has already helped to get rid of more than 16,000 Chrome bugs.

Reinforcement Learning framework Dopamine opens up to new environments

Dopamine, a framework for experimenting with reinforcement learning (RL), has reached the 2.0 mark, now allowing the use of custom environments - just...
What's the point

What’s the point: GitLab, Python, and Kubevirt

Repository managing service GitLab has released versions 11.7.4 and 11.6.9 of their Community and Enterprise Editions. The updates include important security fixes, so...

New NLP approach should help Facebook’s machine army to really get vous..ahem you

Facebook has shared an implementation for cross-lingual language model (XLM) pretraining with the machine translation community, so if you’re interested in language processing...
openshift codeready Workspace

Married to OpenShift? Developing for Kubernetes might have just gotten easier

Red Hat OpenShift subscribers who are part of the company’s developer program just got an IDE for creating cloud-native applications. The project, which just reached general availability status, is...
Cloud Discovery

Terraform troubles? HashiCorp will find you some help

Enterprise customers of DevOps tool provider HashiCorp can now order special service packages to help them getting started with the company’s sometimes tricky to use infrastructure as code and...