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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
Tensorflow next chapter

TensorFlow gets text preprocessing library for wordy models

TensorFlow Text is a newly launched library that is meant to help machine learning practitioners working with text to preprocess their data without having to leave the...

TensorFlow team completes new API, starts v2 beta phase

Not only is TensorFlow 1.14 forging ahead to its final release, v2.0 of the library for numerical computation is also progressing, stepping into the beta phase of...

Git 2.22 is out to improve dev productivity

Repository management tool Git has been released in v2.22, bringing new commands, configurations, and a couple of bug fixes to make dev’s life easier.
What's the point

What’s the point: Nomad 0.9.2, Ruby 2.7, Azure, and Istio 1.2

HashiCorp’s workload orchestrator Nomad is now available in v0.9.2. The most notable additions in the release focus on the work with allocations, offering users ways to run...
Azure Machine Learning

Google levels up on machine learning, introduces TensorNetwork library

Google’s AI and machine learning department can’t be stopped and keeps releasing open source projects - TensorNetwork is the latest addition to the tool zoo and aims...
Databricks Data Lake

Databricks runtime family welcomes newest member, goes 5.4

Databricks has released updates to its runtimes, raising them all to v5.4, and extended its portfolio to make Python users life easier. The regular...

Qt developers present release candidate in preparation for v5.13

C++ library for cross-platform applications Qt is about to hit v5.13 next week - the release candidate is now available and gives you a final chance to...
HashiCorp Community

HashiCorp shuts down Gitter channels, introduces Community Portal

Anyone wanting to learn about Vault, Terraform, or any of the other HashiCorp projects has a new place to turn to: the HashiCorp Community Portal. Announced by...
What's the point

What’s the point: Qt Design Studio, Apache Storm, Java CFEnv

UI design and development tool Qt Design Studio and the Community Edition that goes along with it are now available in version 1.2. While the most notable...

Stars align as DataStax comes up with Cassandra-aaS product

Database company DataStax used its Apache Cassandra conference DataStax Accelerate to introduce a new cloud data platform, which will, amongst other things, include an “as a service”...