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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
Optuna hyperparameter optimisation

Optuna lures machine learning aficionados with lightweight approach to hyperparameter optimisation

Hyperparameter optimisation framework Optuna has seen some API stabilisation work and performance improvements making the now available version 1.0 ready for production. Optuna is...
Kubernetes bug bounty

Kubernetes launches bug bounty program

Researchers and regular users who uncover vulnerabilities in container orchestrator Kubernetes can now look forward to receiving a reward for letting the K8s team know. 

Amazon fits EFS with better access management

Amazon has updated its elastic file system (EFS) with new access management and security features in a bid to make creating “scalable architectures sharing data and configurations”...

Git team releases 2.25, takes step towards Perl freedom

Git maintainer Junio C. Hamano has announced the availability of version 2.25 of the source control system, which mainly comes with reworked internals and facilitated sparse checkouts.
Grafana Tanka

Still not good with K8s API? Grafana fires up Tanka for help

The team behind observability platform Grafana has gone ahead and done a rewrite of discontinued Heptio project ksonnet to improve Kubernetes app manifest development. The result is...
Google Cloud Storage Archive

Can’t bin it? Google adds cloudy archives to its offerings

Google Cloud Storage now comes with an Archive class for long-term data retention to give rarely accessed data sets a home. And if Google...

TensorFlow 2.1 makes Keras play nice with TPUs

The TensorFlow team has finished work on version 2.1 of the numerical computation library, with the result offering Keras enhancements and improvements for distributed training.

Falco leaves sandbox, steps into CNCF Incubator

Cloud-native runtime security project Falco has joined the incubator of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, after frolicking in the organisation’s sandbox since October 2018.
code machine learning

Lyft drives ML platform Flyte into the open

Rideshare company Lyft has open sourced its orchestration engine Flyte, the secret sauce of its machine learning pipeline management. According to the project’s website,...

AWS needs you (to rotate your certificates)

AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr has taken to the company’s blog to remind users of Amazon’s Aurora, Relational Database Service, and DocumentDB to update their SSL/TLS certificates.