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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Git moves to new defaults in 2.26 release

Version 2.26 of the version management system git is ready for downloading, making version 2 of the transport protocol the standard and improving git rebase as well...
Apache Samza

Apache Samza 1.4 aims at better performance and state monitoring

Asynchronous computational framework for stream processing Apache Samza, which is used at Slack for example, has hit version 1.4 bringing improvements to state monitoring and the SQL...
Wolfram Language 12.1

Wolfram Language & Mathematica step into another dimension, open packaging system

Wolfram Research has released version 12.1 of its Wolfram programming language and the technical computing system Mathematica. The amount of new features detailed in...
Slack going public

Slack cleans up for newly remote hordes

With more and more people flocking to team communication tools for remote work, Slack has decided to roll out some changes to its messaging tool, making it...
Quarkus Java containers

Java 14 is out – not declaring war on boilerplate or anything

Oracle has pronounced Java 14 to be generally available, pushing JDK 14 into the open with new features such as records and pattern matching capabilities.
GitHub on mobile

GitHub releases mobile apps so maintainers can give thumbs ups on the go

GitHub for mobile is now available via Google Play and the App Store - however, users still see some room for improvement. The Microsoft-owned...
What's the point

WTP: GCC, Longhorn, Flagger, Travis CI, and Docker’s first GitHub Action

GCC 9.3 has been made available. The bug-fix release takes care of over 150 regressions and serious issues in version 9.2 of the GNU Compiler Collection. Amongst...
.NET 5

Microsoft offers .NET 5 taster

Microsoft’s .NET team has pushed out previews for .NET 5 and Entity Framework Core 5.0, looking for feedback on a variety of changes meant to unify the...
GitHub buys npm

npm boss states package registry will stay free ‘for foreseeable future’ after GitHub buy

GitHub has signed an agreement to acquire npm, the company responsible for the Node.js package manager of the same name, enhancing parent company Microsoft’s position in the...
ONNX runtime

ONNX runtime tries hand at WinML, changes compatibility pattern

Microsoft has updated its inference engine for open neural network exchange models ONNX runtime to v1.2, fitting the tool with WinML API support, featurizer operators, and changes...