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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Itching to hurl cash at machine learning? Google unveils TensorFlow Enterprise

Google has introduced TensorFlow Enterprise to the machine learning community, offering support, better performance, and managed services to those willing to pay. The still...
Elastic Cloud Enterprise

Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.4 opens up road to ops automation

Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE), an Elastic offering suitable for on-premises as well as cloud deployment, has been made available in version 2.4, bringing customers app search and...
Data driven devops

Report finds budgets still ops greatest struggle

AIOps platform provider OpsRamp just released its annual state of IT Ops report, offering insight into the skills needed to succeed in modern IT operations and the...
Rancher Release

CNCF welcomes Longhorn to its sandbox

Distributed block storage system for Kubernetes Longhorn has been accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s sandbox. The new home is meant to provide...
Container orchestration

DC/OS 2.0 plays to the enterprise with improved security, and Windows support

D2iQ, the company formerly known as Mesosphere, has released DC/OS 2.0 into the wild, promising improvements in enterprise security, resource management, and multi-tenant support.

Kong Gateway swings to hit 1.4

The team behind microservice abstraction layer Kong Gateway has released version 1.4 of their project, offering admins more configuration options and sprinkling some automation into the mix.

CNCF Serverless WG gets CloudEvents into incubator, approves 1.0 release

CloudEvents, a specification for describing event data developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Serverless working group, was voted into the CNCF’s incubator. The...
User Interface

Build an app, but make it pretty – Android devs get new UI toolset

The team behind Android app building library suite Jetpack has used Android Dev Summit to introduce developers to a preview of Jetpack Compose, a toolkit for creating...

Netflix puts its own spin on notebooks and makes it Scala

Netflix’s Personalization Infrastructure team has open sourced its experimental Polynote notebook in a bid to bring reproducibility and polyglotism to machine learning researchers and data scientists.

Qt 3D apparently is here to stay (and improve)

Users of Qt 3D might fear their favourite tool is set to disappear, now that Qt Quick 3D is on its way. KDAB senior software engineer Sean...