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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
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Docker looks into making Kubernetes more manageable, unveils more DKS details

With Docker Enterprise 3.0 on its way to general availability, the team behind the container technology took a moment to talk more about one of the new...

Cloud native registry Harbor <3s admins, improves safety and security in 1.8 release

A good six months after the last big release, cloud native registry project Harbor has hit v1.8, upping the ante on replication, automation, and authentication.

HashiCorp gets rid off Consul’s old clothes in 1.5 release

Service discovery and key-value store Consul is now available in version 1.5, mainly updating the project’s UI as well as its service mesh Connect and introducing features...

Trouble finding anything with all your cloud services? Elastic might have the thing for...

Search engine and analytics tools company Elastic has come up with Elastic Enterprise Search in a bid to offer a unified way of searching through multiple cloud...
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What’s the point: Firebase, InfluxDB Cloud, Google Cloud TPU pods

This week’s Google I/O saw a slew of machine learning features coming to the company’s mobile platform Firebase. The new capabilities are still in beta and include...
What's the point

What’s the point: GitLab, Spring Cloud, AWS

Strongly recommended security updates for GitLab CE and EE are available now. Versions 11.10.2, 11.9.10, and 11.8.9 are meant to mitigate privacy issues amongst other things. Namely...
Airship 1.0

Airship 1.0 steers towards secure cloud provisioning

The community behind OpenStack Foundation supported Airship, a collection of tools for configuring, deploying, and maintaining Kubernetes environments, has released its first major version. Airship 1.0 features...
OpenStack Foundation

Zuul and Kata Containers are first top-level open infra projects of OpenStack Foundation

Open source container runtime Kata Containers and gateway service Zuul have been named as the first official top-level open infrastructure projects of the OpenStack Foundation.
What's the point

What’s the point: GitLab, VSC, Prometheus, MLflow, AWS

Repository management tool GitLab has gotten a set of patches and is now available in versions 11.5.11, 11.6.11, 11.7.12, 11.8.8, and 11.9.9 for GitLab Community Edition and...
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Apache Software Foundation awards NetBeans and SkyWalking top-level status

The Apache Software Foundation has unwrapped two new top-level projects: application performance monitor SkyWalking and development environment NetBeans. NetBeans has been around since 1996,...