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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
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AWS throws deep learning into containers

AWS used its summit’s stop in Santa Clara to introduce its customers to new ways of doing machine learning and a few advances in networking and routing.
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Google keeps trying to not be evil with “advanced technology external advisory council”

What do you do when you can’t tell right from wrong anymore? Best case scenario? You turn to outside guidance. Though Google has...
machine learning

Microsoft gives machines eyes and sense for the unusual, gets edgy with data box

Microsoft Azure’s AI and machine learning offering Cognitive Services now contains a preview for an Anomaly Detector and so-called Custom Vision, a tool for building image classifiers.
Rancher Release

Rancher 2.2 focuses on insights and easy management

With half a year gone since the last big release, v2.2 of open source cluster management platform Rancher is available for download now. New features include multi-tenant...
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Kubernetes 1.14 opens up for enterprise Windows users, mascot zoo grows

Container orchestrator Kubernetes (K8s) has reached another milestone and is now available in v1.14, bringing CLI updates, production-level Windows support, and generally available persistent local volumes.

Fresh from the Python’s den: PyPy turns 7.1, Facebook open-sources Python Test Runner

Python interpreter and CPython replacement PyPy has been released in version 7.1, which should give you a speed boost, by no longer converting strings to unicode internally....
big data, cloudera

Cloudera howls get out of my cloud, sets sail for “enterprise data cloud leadership”

If you have been working with either Cloudera or Hortonworks products, the news of their merger last year might have left you worried about what’s to come...

HashiCorp takes another step towards edge computing with Vault 1.1

HashiCorp’s Vault is now available in v1.1 bringing agent caching, and support for OIDC roles to the secrets management tool. Since the first major...
Jetson Nano

Meet the Jetson Nano, it’s Nvidia’s AI mini me

Chip and graphic processing hardware manufacturer Nvidia used its GPU Technology Conference to introduce the newest member of the Jetson family to its customers.

Mozilla wants Iodide to breath life into data science documents

Firefox makers Mozilla have found another way to use their favourite browser, by tricking it out for (data) science documentation. Not completely satisfied with the possibilities of...