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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Facebook starts policing deepfakes – with room for improvement

Facebook has “strengthened” its policy towards manipulated media to combat misinformation by adding removal criteria for deepfakes and the like. According to the company’s...

Datadog digs deeper into infrastructure

Monitoring tool company Datadog has enhanced its Watchdog engine to provide insight into the health and performance of infrastructure components. The new addition promises to work with...
GNU Bison

Limited run only? GNU Bison gives D a try

Bison, a parser generator hosted by the GNU project, is now available in version 3.5, reducing the footprint of small parsers and improving syntax error handling.

New year, old vulns: GitLab serves first security release of 2020

The team behind repository management and all around DevOps-y product GitLab has released security patches for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE), remediating vulnerabilities affecting...

Prometheus fires up performance in 2.15 release

Version 2.15 of CNCF graduated monitoring tool Prometheus is now available, bringing users a new endpoint for exposing per metric metadata and a couple of optimisations promising...
Ruby By Alex Mit via Shutterstock

Ruby 2.7 raises pattern matching to the next level

The team behind the programming language Ruby followed its tradition of around-Christmas-releases and gifted its community Ruby 2.7 with features like experimental pattern matching and a compaction...

The Update Framework becomes ninth project to graduate CNCF

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has heaved The Update Framework into the ranks of graduate projects, making it the first university-bred project to reach this level.

Apache Kafka reaches 2.4 release with new partitioner in tow

The team behind the distributed streaming platform Apache Kafka has added the finishing touches to version 2.4, adding features like multiple consumer group management, an alternative partitioner,...
code machine learning

Intel adds NLP to Deep Learning Reference Stack

Intel has released version 5.0 of its Deep Learning Reference Stack, adding natural language processing capabilities and some examples to the offering.  The company...

DataStax Luna offers support to leave Cassandra’s dark sides behind

Database vendor DataStax has started offering commercial support for open source project Apache Cassandra and released some free tools to signal its dedication to the software.