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Julia Schmidt previously worked as editor of devClass. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences, and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Service mesh Linkerd clambers into sidecar mode with 2.0 release

CNCF fostered Linkerd has hit its second major release, aiming at service owners rather than platform owners. Its […]

Distributed Machine Learning? Ask TonY!

Thanks to LinkedIn and its newly open sourced TonY, Machine learning afficionados now have another way to run […]

OpsRamp goes topological and communal with fall release

OpsRamp’s fall release of its cloud platform for hybrid IT operations management is now available. Amongst other things, […]

Ansible Tower promises to play better with others, let everyone work at their own pace

Red Hat has opened up Ansible Tower 3.3 to the DevOps world, connecting it to the OpenShift Container […]

Prometheus breaks backwards compatibility with v2.4 as CNCF security audit released

The Prometheus team has released v2.4 of its open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit, including a major update […]

Check-in your code before you wreck it – new Git is here

The team behind Git have released v 2.19 of the beloved open source version control system, promising improved […]

Searching for data sets? Right this way says Google

Google has launched Dataset Search to give data scientists a hand at discovering data sets – wherever they […]

HashiCorp’s Consul starts Kubernetes integration marathon

If you wanted Kubernetes and Consul to work better together, you’re in luck: HashiCorp founder Mitchell Hashimoto just […]

data Artisans’ Streaming Ledger sprinkles ACID on Machine Learning

Apache Flink instigator data Artisans has introduced the Streaming Ledger library to process event streams across multiple shared […]

Jenkins’ creator takes the wheel and steers into a cloud native direction

Jenkins founder and CloudBees CTO Kohsuke Kawaguchi has issued a bleak assessment of the current state of the […]