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PyTorch team sips Caffe2, serves up production ready machine learning library

More than half a year after the PyTorch team announced the v1.0 roadmap for their tensor and neural […]

TensorFlow is 10 with new Learning-to-Rank library

Google’s AI department has developed a scalable library on the basis of TensorFlow which should help to teach […]

Microsoft serves first taste of Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft has previewed Visual Studio 2019 and .NET Core 3.0 with a raft of changes and announced the […]

Microsoft throws open ONNX Runtime – now roll up your sleeves

Microsoft has open sourced the Open Neural Network Exchange Runtime, the inference engine for Machine Learning models in […]

S3? That’s so 2006. AWS deepens data infrastructure play

AWS has come a long way from the days of its simple S3 object store, with increasingly sophisticated […]

Reward your Machine mind’s little successes with AWS SageMaker RL

Amazon’s SageMaker has been updated in the drive to get more developers on the Machine-Learning train. AWS has […]

Amazon invites outsiders to AWS Machine-Learning University

Amazon has made the internal Machine Learning courses publicly available that it built originally for its engineers to get aboard the […]

AWS rolls out red carpet for robot builders

Amazon has tipped its hat to robotics developers, launching a robotics application development environment that lets people code, […]

JetBrains ups its style and refactoring game in PyCharm and GoLand v2018.3

PyCharm and GoLand, both members of the JetBrains IDE family, are now available in version 2018.3, offering developers […]

Databricks fires up runtime 5.0 for Apache Spark 2.4.0

Databricks has announced support for Apache Spark 2.4.0, the open source cluster framework first developed by its own […]