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GitHub opens technical preview for Copilot Workspace, its next phase in AI-powered development

Developers can now apply to join the technical preview of Copilot Workspace

React 19 beta is out, promising stable server components and a host of other developments

Meta’s React team has released React 19 beta with fresh features including a “use” API, Actions with new […]

New C# 12 feature proves controversial: Primary constructors ‘worst feature I’ve ever seen implemented’

An official blog post describing primary constructors, a new feature in C# 12, has provoked developers to complain, […]

Node 22 released with experimental support for require targeting ECMAScript modules and more

Node 22 – which will eventually be a LTS (Long-term support) version – is out with new features […]

Visual Studio analysed: will it ever migrate from .NET Framework?

Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE still runs on the legacy .NET Framework, despite being the company’s premier development tool […]

Dapr: not just for Kubernetes or the Microsoft platform, says co-creator Mark Fussell

Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) was created at Microsoft for Kubernetes, but goes beyond both, said co-creator Mark Fussell. […]

AWS combines “building block” blueprints with CodeCatalyst for rapid project creation including DevOps

AWS has added Project Development Kit (PDK) blueprints to its CodeCatalyst DevOps tool. Developers can now compose applications […]

Sourcegraph coding assistant now supports Anthropic Claude 3 – though limited to 7K token input

Cody, an AI coding assistant from Sourcegraph, now supports Anthropic Claude 3 LLMs (Large Language Models) as well […]

Supabase moves out of beta, adds supports for Swift, plugs in Oriole storage engine

Supabase, described by its developers as an open source alternative to Google’s Firebase, has moved to general availability […]

Go dev survey shows frustration with Python’s dominance of AI

An official survey of Go developers shows growing interest in building AI applications – but some frustration that […]