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From Docker to Dagger: Solomon Hykes on modernisation of the DevOps pipeline

Solomon Hykes, who started the original Docker project in 2010 and co-founded the Docker company in 2011, has […]

Enterprises struggle with Agile methodology, reports long-standing survey of practitioners

The 17th State of Agile report, which claims to be the longest-running survey on the topic, states that “Agile […]

Spotlight on GitHub self-hosted runners again as researcher demonstrates attack on PyTorch code

A researcher found that Meta’s popular open source PyTorch framework used self-hosted runners in its GitHub repository, against […]

PyPy moves from Mercurial, says ‘open source has become synonymous with GitHub’

The PyPy project, which implements the Python language but runs around four times faster, has shifted its primary […]

Where next for Jamstack? Netlify survey avoids the word, highlights rise of Astro

Netlify has published its State of Web Development report, which a post states was formerly the Jamstack Community […]

Docker buys AtomicJar to integrate container-based test automation

Docker has bought AtomicJar along with its Testcontainer projects, giving Docker a better test story but raising concerns […]

AWS promotes cell-based architecture for ‘resilience at scale’

Attendees at the Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent conference, well under way in Las Vegas this week, were encouraged […]

How to fix the biggest obstacle to developer productivity: dysfunctional organizations

“Every day, people badge in, buzz in, swipe in, scan in, sign in, or otherwise just walk into […]

Yarn 4.0 ups security, ease of use and performance – but is it enough to win back users?

The Yarn team is releasing version 4.0, the first major one since July 2021. New features include a […]

Microsoft-sponsored Radius project aims to mitigate “limitations of Kubernetes”

The Microsoft Azure Incubations Team has introduced an open source (Apache 2.0 license) platform called Radius, designed for […]