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CodeCatalyst introduced at re:Invent: One-stop DevOps for AWS… on AWS

AWS has released new development tools for building serverless applications. AWS CodeCatalyst, now in preview, sets up new […]

Interview: Google’s Kelsey Hightower on making sense of back-end vs front-end vs Edge

The Vercel-sponsored Next.js conference was on last week, and DevClass caught up with Kelsey Hightower, a Google Distinguished […]

Serverside WebAssembly hyped at Kubecon North America: tooling for Docker and Dapr integration introduced

Kubecon has kicked off, both virtual and in-person in Detroit, Michigan, including a Cloud Native Wasm (WebAssmbly) Day […]

Cloudflare previews workerd, an open source JavaScript/Wasm runtime for ‘nanoservices’

Cloudflare has released workerd in beta, an open-source JavaScript/Wasm (WebAssembly) runtime based on the same code as Cloudflare […]

Jamstack crowd rediscovering the server? Netlify introduces new Next.js middleware runtime

Netlify, which runs a hosting platform for modern JavaScript frameworks, has introduced a new runtime environment for the […]

Cloud-native developers grow, proportion knowingly using Kubernetes slides – report

A report out this week indicates that while the population of cloud-native developers is growing, the number of […]

Netlify chooses Deno rather than Node.js to power new Edge Functions

Netlify, a company which offers a hosted platform for websites built with Jamstack (Javascript, API and Markup) architecture, […]

How Function URLs simplify setting up an AWS Lambda endpoint

AWS has introduced Lambda Function URLs, an enhancement to its serverless platform that makes an HTTPS endpoint a […]

Firecrackers return, as microVM version 1.0 finally strikes

What’s good enough for serverless cornerstone AWS Lambda seems finally to be good enough for other production environments […]

As good as new: Serverless Framework 3.0 emerges thoroughly cleansed, fitted with stage parameters

While the Serverless Framework project provides a reliable stream of small regular updates, new features have become somewhat […]