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Amazon now the most popular Java Development Kit vendor for production, says observability survey

A new “State of the Java ecosystem” survey by observability company New Relic states that the Amazon JDK […]

Fermyon’s new Spin and how ‘WebAssembly has miniscule compute requirements compared to more costly containers’

Fermyon’s Spin project has reached version 0.7.0 – now updated with a bug-fix release 0.7.1 – adding important […]

What is the best way to run a container on AWS? And will Lambda SnapStart come to other runtimes?

Interview: DevClass spoke to Deepak Singh, VP Developers, Events, Containers and Serverless at AWS.  How many ways are […]

Microsoft’s devcontainer.json: Just for VS Code or an evolving standard?

Last month,  Microsoft declared that “dev containers have become broadly useful for scenarios beyond VS Code” and introduced […]

Kubernetes 1.24 ‘Stargazer’ release removes Dockershim, adds OpenAPI v3 in beta

The Kubernetes project has released version 1.24 of its ubiquitous container orchestration system, Stargazer – the first release […]

Break point: Notepad++, Traefik, Charmed Kubeflow, Vulkan, Google Cloud Deploy, and Rancher Desktop

With critical issues taken care of, Notepad++ 8.2.2 is now available thus allowing users of the text and […]

Google green-lights Vertex Pipelines for MLOps

Google has announced general availability of Vertex Pipelines, the pipeline orchestration piece of its Vertex AI machine learning […]

Break point: GitLab Security Release, new Amazon EC2 instances, SUSE acquires NeuVector, Azure DevOps Server patched

GitLab has released versions 14.4.1, 14.3.4, and 14.2.6 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) with […]

GitLab updates Container Registry with metadata database to ease storage woes

GitLab is preparing to roll out a version of its Container Registry on GitLab.com that implements a metadata […]

Break point: Selenium, Ray, TriggerMesh, Ambassador, and Falco

Browser automation tool Selenium has reached its fourth major release this week. Popular amongst web site testers, the […]