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AWS supporting Azure DevOps with container migration service for Java and .NET

AWS is showing that there is no such thing as a competitor when it comes to making it […]

GitLab 14.3 premiers proprietary SAST engine, adds flexibility to pipelining

The monthly GitLab update is here, adding some bits to make pipelines more flexible while looking to improve […]

Finally. It has happened to Xcode: Apple IDE gets hooked up to new CI/CD service

Apple’s WWDC has come and gone, giving devs a new Xcode to plunge into and finally providing them […]

Theory, tools or both? Continuous Lifecycle Online puts it all right on your desktop

Event Theory is great, but you’re never going to put it into practice without having the right tools […]

‘Drone 2.0’: New owner updates harnessed CI platform with fresh UI, debug tools

Drone, now part of Harness, has added new capabilities to its self-service continuous integration (CI) platform including a […]

Feeling like it’s time to rebuild? Join us at Continuous Lifecycle Online

Event Whether the last 12 months has seen you accelerating your organisation’s digital transformation or working flat out […]

GitLab’s latest and greatest buffs up pipelines, ropes in GPUs for ML workloads

GitLab 13.9 is now available, fitting the platform with all sorts of pipeline enhancements, a couple of additional […]

Not a complete, er, Travis-ty: Travis CI tries calming open source users after price changes and perceived quality drop

After receiving lots of questions from open source projects making use of Travis CI in the last couple […]

JetBrains opens up TeamCity for external authentication, throws in new Python runner

The second major 2020 update to JetBrains’ Continuous Integration and Deployment platform TeamCity has been pushed out and […]

Quick reminder: Continuous Lifecycle Online 2021 call for presentation is ending soon

Are you working with software containers, looking after a microservice architecture, experimenting with edge computing, or leading a […]