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Here’s to easy access: Apache Kafka 3.1 presents OIDC support, open endpoint queries

The team behind distributed event streaming platform Apache Kafka is currently putting a lot of effort into following […]

Break point: Cloudera, NeuVector, Mirantis Secure Registry, Apache Hop, Java Operator SDK, and Istio

The team behind Cloudera Streaming Analytics has put the finishing touches to its 1.6 release. The update, available […]

IPython 8.0 out now with slimmer code base, enhanced coding experience

Interactive Python toolkit IPython has slimmed down a bit, gained some enhancements for readability and debugging, and is […]

NumPy 1.22 kicks off windows/arm64 support, completes main annotation work

After more than a half year of work, the NumPy team has released version 1.22 of the scientific […]

JetBrains updates data-related tooling with support for versioning efforts, Zeppelin and remote notebook use

JetBrains is pushing out its third major update series of the year, which also has some things in […]

CUDA Python, here we come: Nvidia offers Python devs the gift of GPU acceleration

Nvidia’s CUDA team has released version 11.5 of its parallel computing platform and pushed a Python-flavoured subproject forward […]

Pump it up: Apache Spark 3.2 completes ANSI SQL mode, makes adaptive query execution new normal

Data analytics platform Apache Spark has recently been made available in version 3.2, featuring enhancements to improve performance […]

Break point: Quarkus, Pins, Kong Gateway, Artifact Hub, ClusterAPI, OSS Port, and Tanzu

Kubernetes native Java stack Quarkus 2.3 has been pushed into the open this week. The update comes with […]

Getting machine learning into production is hard — the MCubed webcast is here for support

The MCubed webcast returns this week to tackle a whole other beast: Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning. Join […]

Scikit-learn celebrates the big 1.0 with keyword arguments and online one-class SVMs

After a good 14 years of development, the team behind scikit-learn has released version 1.0 of the Python […]