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Break point: Cassandra, Elastic, GitHub, KubeOne, New Relic, and CNCF

Users of Apache Cassandra who haven’t updated their systems in the last couple of days should consider an […]

Elastic kicks of 8.x series with NLP and per-default security

With the Elastic 7.x series concluded in early February, the team behind Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Co has entered […]

Apache Lucene goes full steam ahead on performance with 9.0 release

The team behind search engine Apache Lucene has recently made version 9.0 of the open source project available […]

All about that integration: Elastic 7.16 embraces ServiceNow, adds FireLens support

Elastic has rounded off the year with the release of version 7.16 of its product portfolio, providing enterprise […]

Elastic beta release offers sneak peak of Elastic 8.0.0

Elastic has released Elastic 8.0.0-beta 1, offering Elastic users a preview of the changes coming in the next […]

Elastic 7.15 plays to the SRE crowd with improved isolation and insight capabilities

Elastic, proprietor of an assortment of search and data analytics tools, has updated its product stack with polished […]

Call my agent! Elastic portfolio hits version 7.14

Elastic has updated its product stack to version 7.14, which sees Elastic Agent maturing and includes a rebranding […]

OpenSearch hits 1.0: fork of Elasticsearch ready for production

OpenSearch 1.0 has been released by the project team, meaning that the community-driven search and analytics suite is […]

Elastic 7.13 stretches to runtime fields, searchable object stores and Azure integration

Elastic has released version 7.13 of its Elastic Stack, bringing new capabilities to its Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability, […]

AWS debuts OpenSearch project following spat over Elastic licence

AWS has unveiled the OpenSearch project – a community-driven open source fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana – in […]