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GitLab security updates target rogue guests, rampant emojis

GitLab has shot out a trio of Security releases for its Community and Enterprise Editions, taking aim at […]

GitLab 11.7 release helps release releases

Open-source repository management system GitLab has reached v11.7 and includes improvements in terms of performance, security, integration, and […]

Ever wondered what’s next? In future, GitHub Desktop will tell you…

If you’ve ever been plunged into angst around the question “what’s next”, the latest version of GitHub Desktop […]

GitLab patches security issue, Google adds Go to Cloud Functions, Rust hits v.1.32.0

GitLab has pushed out a security patch worth looking at: Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to newly […]

GitHub adds status options, emojis, stokes ‘social network’ fears

GitHub landed developers with yet another dilemma this week, by allowing them to set status options in their […]

What’s the point: Serverless Framework, GitLab squash bugs, Istio gets talking

The Serverless Framework team has pushed out v1.36, with a fistful of bug fixes, almost two fistfuls of […]

Secretive type? GitHub unveils free private repositories for all

If you always wanted to keep your tinkering repos private but couldn’t be bothered to either switch to […]

GitLab user? Maybe start your year with an update

Now available GitLab 11.6.1, 11.5.6, and 11.4.13 fix a couple of security vulnerabilities affecting versions as far back […]

GitLab says less is more for Christmas – serverless that is

GitLab will bundle serverless workloads into its core platform later this month, extending its Knative support and sealing […]

Git v2.20.0 update drops down the chimney with sacks of fixes and new features

Git hit v2.20.0 over the weekend, immediately earning itself the distinction of the largest release in the v2 […]