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Love is a battlefield, Truth is a library

After about eight years in the making, Google has finally shared the first major release of Truth, a […]

Spring Tools drops Atom support, welcomes Theia

Spring Tools, a suite of tools to help create Spring applications in a variety of IDEs, is now […]

What’s the point: Scala, WildFly, Humio, and Puppet Forge

General-purpose programming language for the JVM Scala is now available in version 2.13.0. Improvements include an overhaul of […]

WTP: CloudBees brews Jenkins with Java 11, points Codeship at GitHub, GitLab experiments with Salesforce

CloudBees has announced that its Cloudbees Jenkins Distribution now runs with Java 11. The announcement follows the Jenkins’ […]

What’s the point: Pivotal swings behind OpenJDK, Azure targets changes AND NetApp, Elastic App Search hits beta

Pivotal has thrown its weight behind OpenJDK following developer unease over Oracle’s changes to Java licensing earlier this […]

It’s Java just, not as we know it: Oracle-Jakarta name talks fail

Open-source enterprise Java won’t carry the official Java name or brand following the failure of talks between Oracle […]

Apache Software Foundation awards NetBeans and SkyWalking top-level status

The Apache Software Foundation has unwrapped two new top-level projects: application performance monitor SkyWalking and development environment NetBeans. […]

Oracle hands care of OpenJDK 8 and 11 to Red Hat

Responsibility for feed and care of two legacy editions of OpenJDK has passed from Oracle to Red Hat. […]

TIOBE index shows programmers still crazy for Java after all these years

The tech world is always changing…except when it comes to programming languages, where the top three has barely […]

Pivotal gives Spring Tools a good boosting

Spring Tools, a collection of helpers for developers who want to build Java applications with the Spring app […]