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Microservices is the reality for most Java devs – and so is Java 8

Java developers are diving into – or at least being tipped into – the wonderful world of microservices […]

Limited run only? GNU Bison gives D a try

Bison, a parser generator hosted by the GNU project, is now available in version 3.5, reducing the footprint […]

JetBrains makes a list, checks it twice, says indexing, new workflows would be very nice

JetBrains has put improved performance and accommodating modern workflows at the top of its end of year wish […]

If it’s December, it must be time for Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.3.0

Spring has declared Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.3.0 generally available, promising a raft of enhancements and generic compatibility […]

IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 Beta brings MongoDB, SpringBoot support, better performance

JetBrains has shot out a beta for the 2019.3 release of its IntelliJ IDEA dev environment. The firm […]

Spring Boot pulls on size 2.2.0

Spring Boot 2.2.0 stepped blinking into the Autumn Sunshine this week, with support for Java 13 top of […]

Pivotal and Microsoft put Spring in Azure setup

Microsoft and Pivotal have unveiled Azure Spring Cloud, a service to simplify deployment of scalable Java applications on […]

Hey, We’re Open Source Again! Eclipse Unveils Jakarta EE 8

The enterprise developers’ edition of Java has gone completely open source with a new version managed entirely by […]

Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.2 offers better task execution control

Spring Cloud Data Flow, a tool suite for streaming and batch data processing, is now generally available in […]

JetBrains gives IntelliJ IDEA some love, updates IDE zoo

JetBrains has just released a bugfix version to IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1, adding to the slew of updates to […]