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JetBrains survey: developers 91% male, 73% experience burnout, more liking Rust and Go

Tools vendor JetBrains has published its annual survey of development trends, this time based on responses from around […]

JavaScript survey shows enthusiasm for Tauri over Electron and Vite over Webpack

State of JavaScript, a survey of nearly 40,000 web developers (twice as many as last year), shows continuing […]

JetBrains Aqua: Preview is IDE for test automation but not yet comprehensive

JetBrains is developing an IDE for test automation, now in preview as Aqua. Although most IDEs already support […]

Wix previews Codux, a visual design tool for React

Wix, a website builder and hosting service which claims over 200 million users, has previewed a visual design […]

Interview: Google’s Kelsey Hightower on making sense of back-end vs front-end vs Edge

The Vercel-sponsored Next.js conference was on last week, and DevClass caught up with Kelsey Hightower, a Google Distinguished […]

Oracle contributes GraalVM to OpenJDK to address ‘obstacles to adoption’

Oracle is making GraalVM Community Edition – a native code compiler for Java – part of the OpenJDK, […]

Webpack founder debuts Rust-based Turbopack that is ‘700x faster’

Webpack creator Tobias Koppers, who joined Vercel in April 2021, is involved in a new JavaScript/TypeScript bundler called […]

Cloudflare previews workerd, an open source JavaScript/Wasm runtime for ‘nanoservices’

Cloudflare has released workerd in beta, an open-source JavaScript/Wasm (WebAssembly) runtime based on the same code as Cloudflare […]

Meta releases MemLab JavaScript memory leak detector as open source

Meta, the company behind Facebook, has open sourced MemLab, a tool for finding memory leaks in JavaScript applications […]

Preact JavaScript framework gets Signals: a better way to manage state?

The Preact team has introduced a new feature called Signals, claiming that it is “a better way to […]