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Preact JavaScript framework gets Signals: a better way to manage state?

The Preact team has introduced a new feature called Signals, claiming that it is “a better way to […]

Deno team promises npm compatibility and ‘fastest JavaScript runtime web server ever built’

Deno, created by Ryan Dahl who is the original author of Node.js, will get easy import of npm […]

TypeScript 4.8 is now a Release Candidate, fixes ‘early foot-gun for JavaScript developers’

The next version of TypeScript, 4.8, is now at Release Candidate stage. “Between now and the stable release […]

Astro web framework 1.0 released: a route back to multi-page applications

The Astro team has released version 1.0, noting that organisations which already have some deployments built with this […]

‘The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it,’ says JSON creator Douglas Crockford

JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language according to most surveys, has become a barrier to progress, according […]

Microsoft previews new Teams Development toolkit for Visual Studio

Microsoft has released Preview 3 of Visual Studio 2022 17.3, including a major update to its Teams Toolkit […]

Zig-based Bun appears in beta: ‘An incredibly fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime’

A new JavaScript/TypeScript runtime called Bun promises exceptional performance, with its own benchmarks showing three times more HTTP […]

Uno Platform 4.4 arrives with WebAssembly threading and exceptions ahead of .NET 7

Uno Platform, a cross-platform framework for .NET development, has released version 4.4 with greatly improved WebAssembly support, along […]

Next.js update: Middleware stable, experimental APIs include plugins for Rust-based SWC

Vercel has released version 12.2 of its Next.js React-based framework, with key features now stable  and new experimental […]

Chrome 104 beta trials Shared Element Transitions, video region capture

The Chromium team has shipped the beta of Chrome 104, with new features including a trial of Shared […]