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Bun 1.0 JavaScript runtime released complete with “experimental” Windows version

The Bun team has declared its JavaScript/TypeScript runtime stable with the release of version 1.0, staking strong claims […]

Single Page Applications? Time to move on says Remix co-founder at QCon

At the QCon developer conference in London, Kent C Dodds, a software engineer who co-founded Remix software described […]

Node.js rival Deno adds stable npm compatibility in effort to bridge module system divide

The Deno team has released version 1.28 which “stabilizes npm compatibility,” according to a post today. This is […]

GitHub proposes Sigstore adoption to link npm packages to their source, faces dev pushback

GitHub, which among other things operates the npm package registry in constant use by millions of JavaScript and […]

Npm security update: All packages re-signed, get used to ‘npm audit signatures’

The npm package repository, operated by Microsoft’s GitHub, has had all packages re-signed with the ECDS (Elliptic Curve […]

Break point: GitHub CLI, Trello, npm, Envoy, Ray, Qt Creator, and Gitea

GitHub users who always wanted to write their own CLI tool extensions should have a look at the […]

npm boss states package registry will stay free ‘for foreseeable future’ after GitHub buy

GitHub has signed an agreement to acquire npm, the company responsible for the Node.js package manager of the […]

Google spares npm users’ blushes with Wombat Dressing Room

Google has promised to take some of the pain – or at least some of the risk – […]