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Grafana 8.4 gives maintainers a break with mute timings

After a somewhat meagre update in December, the Grafana team went full steam ahead and now present version […]

Break point: Cassandra, Elastic, GitHub, KubeOne, New Relic, and CNCF

Users of Apache Cassandra who haven’t updated their systems in the last couple of days should consider an […]

Call my Agent: New mode lets users turn Prometheus 2.32 into write-only scraper

The team behind monitoring system Prometheus has pushed version 2.32 out the door, using its last release of […]

Grafana Cloud steps up to on-call management, Traces completes enterprise stack; Also, Loki gets easier

Grafana Labs used its customer conference, ObservabilityCON, to announce updates to its commercial offerings and put a spotlight […]

Elastic 7.15 plays to the SRE crowd with improved isolation and insight capabilities

Elastic, proprietor of an assortment of search and data analytics tools, has updated its product stack with polished […]

Break point: Keptn, D2iQ Kaptain, Calico, Istio, Notcurses, and Icinga

Event-based CD and automation control plane Keptn can be downloaded in version 0.9. Highlights of the release include […]

Grafana 8.1 gets new panel for location-based data, ramps up transform help

Observability and data visualisation platform Grafana 8.1 has been released, providing ops teams with new geomap and annotations […]

Call my agent! Elastic portfolio hits version 7.14

Elastic has updated its product stack to version 7.14, which sees Elastic Agent maturing and includes a rebranding […]

Break point: Cycloid, Istio, Sumo Logic, FastAI.jl, O3DE, PyTorch Lightning, and Linkerd

DevOps tooling company Cycloid launched infrastructure-as-code product Infra Import into beta this week. The tool is based on […]

Calico Enterprise 3.7 adds high availability for Kubernetes clusters

Tigera has released Calico Enterprise 3.7, an update of its security and observability platform for Kubernetes deployments. The […]