InfluxData shoots for cloud provider hat-trick by mid 2020

Time series data specialist InfluxData will span the big three cloud providers by the middle of next year.

InfluxData launched a managed cloud service on AWS last month. However, AWS is not everyone’s cup of tea, for reasons ranging from compliance requirements, fiddly tooling, or large retailers not wishing to pay money to their biggest competitor.

VP of product Tim Hall, speaking as the firm officially kicked off its European operation in London, said the vendor planned to be on Google Cloud by the end of this year. An Azure tinted version is slated for the first half of next year.

That second integration will be particularly important for the European operation. From Influx’s point of view, Azure is the “dominant provider” in Europe, said Hall.


He added that while the cloud providers themselves seem to accept that many customers are now demanding the option of multi-cloud, in Europe a single provider was often preferred, not least because of GDPR requirements.

Hall said that 35 per cent of the company’s revenues now come from Europe, adding “The growth in Europe has increased significantly in the last two years, and most significantly year over year in Germany.

“Obviously the European customers want local support, which we can do now…There’s also additional engineering resources we have on the continent cross Italy, primarily, and additional sales resources in Germany.”

Which might raise the question why it has chosen London for its newly opened European HQ, coinciding with the appointment of former Canonical VP, Rob Gillam, as EMEA Sales Director.

“I think London is a super business friendly culture,” said Hall. “The concentration of talent here is quite good.

“So I think the business climate here despite what happens from the political winds perspective, it’s always been good…the political cycles go up and down. If you look at the US, we’re having our own struggles, as you might imagine.”

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