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Julia Schmidt is an editor for devClass and organises event content. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences and worked as an engineer and software developer.
Go cloud computing

Module support is the big thing in latest version of Google’s cloud-tastic language Go

Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus – most of the major containerisation infrastructure projects are written in Google’s programming language Go. A new release is therefore always worth looking into. Newly available Version...

GitLab team releases 11.2 into the wild

Repository management and development collaboration platform GitLab is now available in version 11.2, offering helping hands to ops, interactive tooling for web developers, and more freedom of discretion for...

Gasp! Salesforce project transmogrifAIs data into predictions

Cloudy CRM outfit Salesforce has open-sourced its automated machine learning library, TransmogrifAI, to assist others in building customer-specific ML models. The library is presented as an aid to developers wanting...

Kube-hunter chaperones DevOps’ chase for Kubernetes cluster weaknesses

Container security company Aqua Security has released open source kube-hunter to assist DevOps folk in penetration testing their Kubernetes cluster. The tool is expected to increase awareness and visibility...

Oracle open-sources GraphPipe, loosens framework chains on machine learning folk

GraphPipe, released just hours ago by Oracle engineers was borne from the need for a consistent, efficient way to serve machine learning models. The project is composed of a network...
Tensorflow next chapter

What’s next, TensorFlow?

With a preview version 2.0 of the machine learning framework planned for later this year, the TensorFlow team has offered a glance at the project’s future. If you've already tried...

Prometheus graduates tough school of CNCF

The monitoring and alerting toolkit Prometheus has joined Kubernetes in the ranks of graduated projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), signaling maturity, quality, and stability. To make this...

TensorFlow unbolts the stable door, releases version 1.10

TensorFlow, friend of machine learning enthusiasts of every level, has now hit version 1.10, bringing performance improvements and lots of new endpoints amongst other things. As per usual in more...
Uber M3

Put your metrics data where your M3 is

Uber has released its large-scale metrics platform for Prometheus, M3, for others to try and build upon, demonstrating that even a ride-sharing and food delivering colossus has to ask...

Istio 1.0 – at your service

Nearly two years after development of Istio began, version 1.0 of the service mesh has been released to help tame complex microservice architectures. One month of fixing bugs and tuning...