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PHP 8.1 presents web developers with the gift of enums, Fibers, and readonly props

Even after a good 26 years around and a strong set of competitors, PHP is still essential to […]

JetBrains updates data-related tooling with support for versioning efforts, Zeppelin and remote notebook use

JetBrains is pushing out its third major update series of the year, which also has some things in […]

Break point: XCRemote Cache, PagerDuty, Prometheus, CockroachDB, and Spring Data

Spotify’s research and development division this week shared its home-grown XCRemoteCache library with iOS engineers everywhere. The project […]

Get your Bluetooth headsets ready: Electron 16 learns to talk with human interface devices

Electron — a central building block of Visual Studio Code, WhatsApp, and Twitch — has made a version […]

Twitter rethinks developer platform limits and policy to get people to improve its service

Microblogging/networking service Twitter has announced version 2 of its API ready for general use, reworked its developer programme, […]

Looking for Kover? Kotlin 1.6 introduces code coverage plugin

Java-alternative Kotlin 1.6 has been pushed into the open and provides developers with some stabilised language features, improvements […]

Git 2.34 sets new merge default, speeds things up for monorepo users

After three months of work, Git 2.34 is finally available for downloading. The update for the popular version […]

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.3 RC showcases security enhancements

GitHub has made available a release candidate for GitHub Enterprise Server 3.3, previewing the changes in the upcoming […]

Latest Python Extension for Visual Studio Code means end of life for Microsoft Python Language Server

Microsoft has made available the November 2021 release of its Python Extension for Visual Studio Code, formally marking […]

Break point: JetBrains updates, GitLab security fixes, Datadog acquires Ozcode

JetBrains has issued a slew of announcements this week, including the CLion 2021.3 Early Access Preview, Spring Cloud […]