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Microsoft’s Power Pages: Easy web building, or an abstraction too far?

Microsoft introduced the ambitious Power Pages, among other new features for its low-code Power Platform, at its virtual […]

Microsoft’s MAUI cross-platform framework: Tooling still in preview and gaps remain

Microsoft’s .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) has hit general availability, a milestone in the software company’s efforts to […]

Microsoft reveals Dev Box workstations for remote development

Microsoft has revealed a new feature for remote development, currently in private preview, called Dev Boxes. A Dev […]

Unity game engine adopting .NET Core to add embedding API for general use

Unity Technologies is migrating to .NET Core, a move that will bring modern .NET to Unity developers and […]

Open source security: Linux Foundation project presents 10-point plan

The Open Source Software Security Foundation (OpenSSF), a project of the Linux Foundation, has come up with a […]

Google releases Flutter 3 with support for 6 platforms, wins praise from Xamarin co-founder

Google’s Flutter framework is now cross-platform for mobile, web and desktop Google released Flutter 3 at its I/O […]

Core dev on why new Memray memory profiler tracks both Python and native code

Memray is a memory profiler for Python that analyses both Python and native code Interview: A new open […]

Microsoft updates Visual Studio and .NET previews – but .NET 5.0 now out of support

Microsoft has given .NET and Visual Studio developers a host of new releases and previews, including .NET 7 […]

Visual Studio Code update: First steps with profile support

Microsoft and the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) team have rolled out version 1.67 of the Electron-based editor […]

CoreWCF 1.0: Removing a blocker for migrating from .NET Framework

The CoreWCF project, a port of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to .NET Core, just shipped its 1.0 release. […]