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Docker buys AtomicJar to integrate container-based test automation

Docker has bought AtomicJar along with its Testcontainer projects, giving Docker a better test story but raising concerns […]

AWS promotes cell-based architecture for ‘resilience at scale’

Attendees at the Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent conference, well under way in Las Vegas this week, were encouraged […]

How to fix the biggest obstacle to developer productivity: dysfunctional organizations

“Every day, people badge in, buzz in, swipe in, scan in, sign in, or otherwise just walk into […]

Yarn 4.0 ups security, ease of use and performance – but is it enough to win back users?

The Yarn team is releasing version 4.0, the first major one since July 2021. New features include a […]

Microsoft-sponsored Radius project aims to mitigate “limitations of Kubernetes”

The Microsoft Azure Incubations Team has introduced an open source (Apache 2.0 license) platform called Radius, designed for […]

PyPi repo attack: Typesquatting, Starjacking and hidden code aims to pinch credentials and secrets

Researchers at security companies Checkmarx and Phylum have identified malicious packages in the PyPi repository for Python, noting […]

Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows limited benefits of AI, return of elite teams

A Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows a widening gulf between the best and worst performing teams, and that the […]

Security risks of personal access tokens exposed by attacks on GitHub

Hundreds of GitHub repositories, including some in private organizations, have been compromised and malicious code injected, according to […]

Survey: how organizations believe AI will change DevOps

The majority of organizations believe generative AI will have a significant impact on DevOps, according to a new […]

Microsoft will block online Exchange Web Services API – but gaps remain with Graph alternative

Microsoft will retire Exchange Web Services (EWS) for Exchange Online, other than for its own applications, from October […]