Google nurtures Native-style web apps at Summit

Creating web apps that looked more like native apps was the presiding theme at Google’s Chrome Dev Summit […]

WG14 prepares for C Change

The C programming language nudged a little closer to its next version this week, with the publication of […]

‘Fold the Phone’, says Google at Android Dev Summit

Google made a raft of announcements at its Android Dev Summit last week, including recommendations for the new […]

DataStax launches certified release of Apache Cassandra

DataStax has launched a certified, bare bones distribution of Apache Cassandra for those situations where you want to […]

VMware buys Heptio, sets course for cloud native

VMware has made a big bet on Kuberbnetes by swallowing Heptio, the two year old company started by […]

Google puts up $25m to fund AI with a social conscience

Google is offering AI developers, and anyone else with a good idea, access to a $25m cash pool […]

Oracle Releases CNCF-Certified Linux

While Larry Ellison talked up Oracle’s cloud services at the company’s OpenWorld conference on Monday, the company quietly […]

GitHub’s latest actions? Struggling to fix massive outage

The world’s self-declared “leading software development platform” wasn’t this morning, as GitHub spluttered and died as developers in […]

MongoDB Creates New License To Protect It From Cloud Service Providers

MongoDB has had enough of cloud service providers offering the Community Edition of its database as a service […]

AWS promises everyone their 15 minutes of….Lambda execution

AWS has extended the timeout limit for Lambda functions from 5 to 15 minutes, immediately setting developers the […]