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State of DevOps report 2022: for secure software, team culture counts more than technology

Google’s DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) team has published its 2022 State of DevOps report, finding a drop […]

GitLab DevOps survey: Water-scrum-fall on the rise?

GitLab has released its annual DevOps survey, based this time on just over 5,000 respondents – up from […]

Atlassian offers flexible terminology in Jira Data Center 8.17

Atlassian has pushed out a second release candidate for its upcoming Jira 8.17 platform. It also revealed it will be supporting flexible terminology in Data Center 8.17.

Business value not velocity will define DevOps success, says Forrester

DevOps is facing a shakeout in the near future, according to Forrester Research. It predicts that businesses will […]

Atlassian swallows AgileCraft, springs onto business leaders’ desks

Atlassian is eating its way into the enterprise software stack from at last two sides, after snapping up […]

Machine learning methodology? One third of orgs don’t see the need…

Enterprises are happily launching themselves into the wonderful world of machine learning, without thinking about any particular methodology […]