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Grafana 6.7 helps teams to do a little bit of history repeating

Grafana, a tool that came to popularity as a way to visualise Prometheus data, has recently hit version […]

Microsoft pulls out DevOps Server and TFS security patches

The team behind Azure DevOps Server has made a couple of security patches available, which are meant to […]

Microsoft backs off on TLS 2.0 only plan for Azure DevOps

Microsoft has hit reverse on its plan to drop support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 in its […]

What’s the point: Cisco’s SecureX, Chef, Terraform AzureRM, GitHub Student Dev Pack

IT bedrock Cisco plans to extend its security portfolio with a cloud-native platform which is supposed to bridge […]

Whats the point: AWS extends savings to Lambda, Azure drills on costs, Travis goes large, OAS goes 3.0.3

AWS has extended its Compute Savings Plans to cover Lambda functions, promising savings of up to 17 per […]

Microsoft unveils Scalar tool for vast Git repos

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a tool it says will utlimately make it easier for everyone to […]

OpenAI fires up on PyTorch

OpenAI has opted to standardise its development on PyTorch, saying the move should make it easier for its […]

Microsoft opens 35 day window for Azure customers to postpone ‘impactful’ host updates

You can’t postpone the inevitable, but Microsoft has given customers the ability to postpone “impactful” host updates for […]

Microsoft goes live with Azure Functions 3.0…but full tooling won’t come till 2020

Microsoft has announced the go-live release of Azure Functions 3.0, but full tooling for the software giant’s serverless […]

AWS swoops on deadline dodging Windows Server 2008 users

AWS kicked off its mega re:Invent shindig this week by targeting panic-stricken Windows Server 2008 users with a […]