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CircleCI security incident report: customer secrets stolen, unauthorised access to GitHub repos and third-party systems

DevOps player CircleCI has published details of the security incident that forced it to warn cloud customers to […]

CircleCI warns devs to change passwords, check for unauthorized access after ‘security incident’

CircleCI, makers of a popular cloud-based continuous integration platform, has warned developers that it was hit by a […]

Break point: Puppet, Operator Framework, CircleCI, GitLab, Bevy, and LitmusChaos

During a round of testing, the team behind automation tool Puppet found that upcoming protocol changes at GitHub […]

CircleCI seduced by Vamp’s orchestration charms

CircleCI has acquired Vamp for its release orchestration platform, which the firm aims to integrate with its own […]

Break point: Grafana v7.5, PyTorch Profiler, Rust, HashiCorp Vault and CircleCI server

Grafana v7.5 has been released, and will be the last stable release of the analytics and visualization platform […]

What’s the point: GitHub, CircleCI, Puppet, Jaeger, Ruby, and HashiCorp

GitHub’s code scanning capabilities, a new feature introduced at the company’s Satellite conference in May 2020, has left […]

What’s the point: Istio governance, CircleCI, Algorithmia, GraalVM, and KubeOne

The Istio project has made some changes to its governance model, giving the community more say in the […]

CNCF debuts own tech radar, looking into continuous delivery

Linux Foundation child-organisation Cloud Native Computing Foundation has released the inaugural issue of what it calls an “opinionated […]

CircleCI spins out Insights data – just bring your own analytics platform

CircleCI has begun rolling out its Insights service, and chosen to let users expose the data it generates […]

What’s the point: CNCF signs off on 2019, CircleCI rolls out Orbs, Travis maintenance, Functions 3.0

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has drawn a line under the last year, with the publication of its […]