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Dapr: not just for Kubernetes or the Microsoft platform, says co-creator Mark Fussell

Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) was created at Microsoft for Kubernetes, but goes beyond both, said co-creator Mark Fussell. […]

Kubecost 2.0 released as reports show persistent Kubernetes over-provisioning

Kubecost 2.0 has landed to help organizations analyze and control Kubernetes costs, a month month after a CNCF […]

Serverside WebAssembly hyped at Kubecon North America: tooling for Docker and Dapr integration introduced

Kubecon has kicked off, both virtual and in-person in Detroit, Michigan, including a Cloud Native Wasm (WebAssmbly) Day […]

Break point: Cassandra, Elastic, GitHub, KubeOne, New Relic, and CNCF

Users of Apache Cassandra who haven’t updated their systems in the last couple of days should consider an […]

Break point: Go, Delta Lake, Open Service Mesh, Swift, glibc and Elastic

Thanks to lots of feedback for the first Go 1.18 beta, the Go team was able to identify […]

Break point: Puppet, Operator Framework, CircleCI, GitLab, Bevy, and LitmusChaos

During a round of testing, the team behind automation tool Puppet found that upcoming protocol changes at GitHub […]

Call my Agent: New mode lets users turn Prometheus 2.32 into write-only scraper

The team behind monitoring system Prometheus has pushed version 2.32 out the door, using its last release of […]

Don’t expect surprises: Kubernetes 1.23 stabilises dual-stack networking, makes progress on PodSecurity

The team behind container orchestrator Kubernetes has closed the year with a last feature release, which sees long […]

Break point: Selenium, Ray, TriggerMesh, Ambassador, and Falco

Browser automation tool Selenium has reached its fourth major release this week. Popular amongst web site testers, the […]

Break point: Epsagon, Artifact Hub, Tesseract, Cloudera, OpenSpiel, Keda, and GitHub

Cisco has announced plans to acquire distributed tracing company Epsagon, in a bid to accelerate its comprehensive observability […]