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Pulumi broadens reach by adding Java, YAML, and CrossCode translator

Infrastructure as code tool Pulumi is being extended with new language support for Java and YAML, as well […]

Break point: Qodana, Pulumi, OpenShift, GraalVM, Seldon, and VS Code

JetBrains has re-evaluated its Qodana code quality platform project and split the project into language-specific linters for Java, […]

Pulumi reaches 3.0, celebrates by turning into “cloud engineering platform”

Infrastructure as code outfit Pulumi is rebranding its infra product as a cloud engineering platform that lets teams […]

Ah Push it, push it good: Pulumi tries to please cloud natives with shiny open source projects

Infra-as-code tooling provider and Terraform challenger Pulumi has expanded its open source portfolio with a Kubernetes operator and […]

Push me, Pulumi: Terraform rival goes for complete workflow as version 2.0 arrives

A couple of days after releasing it into the wild on GitHub, Terraform rival Pulumi has officially made […]

Pulumi lets you set up cloud infrastructure with JavaScript

Cloud management software company Pulumi has just released a product that lets developers use regular programming languages, including […]

Pulumi builds Crosswalk to ease AWS struggles

Infrastructure as code company Pulumi has just released Crosswalk for AWS, a library collection meant to help with […]